Get The Celebrity Look: Elissa


By Dawn Wood


I’m super excited to launch Shoes and Drama’s very first GET THE LOOK post! To kick things off in style I’ve been asking our talented contributors to gather some of the most coveted celebrity images from all across the globe and then collect both designer and high street fashion picks so you [...]

Bisat Al-Reeh - Ramadan's Biggest Charity Bazaar of the Year!

Bisat Al-Reeh - Ramadan's Biggest Charity Bazaar of the Year

By Danah Garii, Lara Al Juhani and Dawn Wood



Bisat Al-Reeh is Ramadan’s biggest charity bazaar that gathers people together to celebrate fashion, style, food and other trinkets, whilst raising money for different charity organizations in the process. It is also a primary opportunity for local designers to showcase their products upon a [...]

My Wardrobe Presents 'The New Direction'






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Are you Dressed to Impress for Ramadan this Summer?!


By Tala Farah

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With the Holy Month of Ramadan now in full swing, I am sure all of you will have been frantically shopping to find the perfect outfits for all those Iftars and Suhoors. It is a busy month filled with lots of invites and you need to look your best [...]

Harrods' Huge Handbags

Edited by Dawn Wood


The window displays of Harrods have recently become an even bigger talking point than usual as they have been graced with gigantically-scaled designer handbags. The larger than life designer handbags were put up on display to launch this luxury department store’s new Handbag Narratives campaign.

Some of the promotional display’s highlights include: a Mulberry [...]