News Flash: 13 Stores closed in Riyadh for Not Hiring Women


Edited by Dawn Wood



The Ministry of Labor has closed 13 shops in a Riyadh mall for failing to hire Saudi women.

The closure is part of the ministry’s campaign that started on Monday July 15th, to enforce the feminization of all clothing stores for women in the country. This [...]

Bisat Al-Reeh - Ramadan's Biggest Charity Bazaar of the Year!

Bisat Al-Reeh - Ramadan's Biggest Charity Bazaar of the Year

By Danah Garii, Lara Al Juhani and Dawn Wood



Bisat Al-Reeh is Ramadan’s biggest charity bazaar that gathers people together to celebrate fashion, style, food and other trinkets, whilst raising money for different charity organizations in the process. It is also a primary opportunity for local designers to showcase their products upon a [...]

Discover, the new Fashion Shopping Destination in the Middle East!


Dubai, July 2013 – With a growing pool of Arabic fashion talent in the Middle East, newly launched offers regional fashion designers a premium online platform to showcase their creativity and grow their business by reaching customers worldwide. goes one step further by supporting its e-commerce with [...]

I love Fashion

I love Fashion - Arab News

Fashion TV’s boutique opens in the Middle East for the first time

Lights. Camera. Fashion!

To the delight of every fashionista in the Middle East, the internationally renowned television network, Fashion TV (FTV), and UAE-based Saif Belhasa Group have officially launched the first “I Love Fashion” store in the region, located in Dubai Mall. [...]

Battle of the Concept Stores


The definition of a concept store is an eclectic haven for the interaction and fusion of fashion, design, art, photography music, and technological breakthrough.

Or, in short, it’s Colette. Opened in 1997, Colette is far from the first concept store, yet it may arguably be the most famous. With a cult following that drives thousands [...]