Ahrof wa Alwan - Ramadan Collection 2013 at Harvey Nichols, Riyadh

By Dawn Wood


Harvey Nichols in Riyadh, the UAE’s leading destination for the finest international brands Saudi Arabia has to offer, recently held an exclusive event to its valued customers and guests by allowing them the privileged opportunity of being the first to see the latest variety of jalabiyas and abayas deals that have [...]

Bisat Al-Reeh - Ramadan's Biggest Charity Bazaar of the Year!

Bisat Al-Reeh - Ramadan's Biggest Charity Bazaar of the Year

By Danah Garii, Lara Al Juhani and Dawn Wood



Bisat Al-Reeh is Ramadan’s biggest charity bazaar that gathers people together to celebrate fashion, style, food and other trinkets, whilst raising money for different charity organizations in the process. It is also a primary opportunity for local designers to showcase their products upon a [...]


hatem femme featured 250

Renowned fashion designer Hatem AlAkeel launched a new and exclusive brand for women at his Toby Boutique in Jeddah today in cooperation with TAG Heuer the leading Swiss watchmaker.

The fashion line features 20 unique and classical fashion pieces designed by Hatem AlAkeel, merging traditional styles with the bold and daring motifs as featured [...]

In His Shoes: Omar Ashour


By Linah Hashmi

“I always had to have a say in the way I dressed ever since I was a kid! I was meticulous & peculiar, always noticing details! It was in my DNA.” Yes, his sense of style and unique flair was prominent from the moment he could voice his opinion. After having worked at The [...]

RAMI AL ALI: Dubai's Premiere Designer on the Red Carpet

Rami Al Ali and Chanel Iman featured

Original post by Stylemonger Rami Al Ali has once again made it to the red carpet and this time it’s the beautiful Victoria’s Secret model, Chanel Iman, flaunting his designs. Chanel chose a beaded bodysuit with a flowing chiffon skirt from Rami Al Ali’s SS2012 collection to wear for the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscars Party.