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IN HIS SHOES: Interview with Rami Kadi

By Ornella Homsi | IN HIS SHOES: Interview with Rami Kadi

Some of Rami Kadi‘s (@ramikadi/Instagram) beautiful looks
at Fashion Forward @ffwddxb Dubai ,UAE.

Knowing you joined FFWD twice already, how beneficial was the media return to your label?

R.K: Fashion Forward ( @ffwddxb ) is a great event that gather all the fashion designers of the Middle East. The media return was positive the 1st time and this second time as well, especially that it took place in the big hall that seats about 1000 people.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

R.K: The woman I design for is a woman living a normal life in today’s world, but who stands out with her elegance and grace. She has something about her that turns heads wherever she goes, leaving a trail of seduction and mystery behind, she’s a woman who blows life into the garment she is wearing. 

Your looks show lots of attention to detail. What materials did you combine to get such vivid textures?

R.K: My choice of materials/fabrics depends on both the trend and my mood, and is not specifically limited to one type of material. I like to work with many different ones such as tulle, lace, shantung, jersey, crepe de chine etc…

 Do you plan on creating a ready-to-wear collection any time soon? 

R.K: For now I don’t plan on creating a ready-to-wear collection. Maybe in the future.

Do you have a specific research process when you start a new collection?

R.K: In terms of creativity and inspiration, the world around me has always been a rich source of inspiration; it provides me with flashes of creativity all day long, from the moment I wake until I go to bed, and sometimes even in my dreams. Anything can be inspiring, the music I listen to while I’m driving, interaction with people, when I’m relaxing at the beach, or reading magazines, watching other designers fashion shows, etc. Another major source of inspiration is obtained while travelling, visiting new countries and getting acquainted with new cultures and fashion salons…

Inspiration is not only limited to my day-to-day activities, it can also be found in my dreams! I always dream about dresses or shapes and I wake up in the middle of night to draw them, and go back to sleep.

Each of my collection has a specific story and it is from that story that emerges the whole collection.

Before every collection I always visualize a tale or story. As an example, my latest collection tells the tale of a graceful beauty, who, on a starlit night, was invited to attend a lavish gala in a far away palace, only to find time had betrayed her and she was standing amidst the remains of a party, torn and tarnished by the years gone by, and left at the mercy of nature which was claiming back its stolen territories. This story is where my collection begins. As for me it is important to have this before starting working on a design.

 Where do you see your career and your label going next?

 R.K: While my dreams for the RK Brand are big, I am currently working on reaching new markets, mainly in the Middle East and Europe, where I am putting increased efforts on spreading the renown of my creations. At a later stage, I hope to be able to develop derivative products and departments, such as a baby clothing line for example, who knows, the sky is the limit to my imagination.

Knowing you already have a boutique in Beirut Can you tell us an anecdote of your experience with clients that revealed itself to be a big lesson?

R.K: I do not have specific anecdote but I can say that I learn lessons every day with my clients. We communicate a lot not only for their dress, they share their personality, lifestyle and this is a daily lesson.

We have been checking your Instagram account & you seem to have an obsession with shoes, could you pick one pair of shoes from the pictures below and tell us which one suits your style best and why. | IN HIS SHOES: Interview with Rami Kadi

R.K: None of the shoes are really my style, but if I’d have to go for one I would go with the grey one.