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At the risk of discounting the wisdom that it takes three to make a trend, when an occurrence as rare as a streaking takes place—twice—at fashion events within a span of three months, we’re calling it. The tweets are piling up that a so-far-nameless, loafer and ankle sock wearing man with a gilded chain and tear-away suit has stormed the red carpet at the #MetGala moments ago. Did we mention the pink thong? Word is, Sarah Jessica Parker is un-phased by the interloper.

In February, a similarly under-dressed man—it may be the same man, in fact—this time in a metallic thong and King-like crown, shocked show-goers at the Prabal Gurung show in February. The designer took it in stride and later Instagrammed himself in a similar crown. Are streakers the world over sick of sporting events and frat parties? Do they think fashion people need to lighten up?

Word is, Madonna is skipping the Met because she was asked not to wear an incredibly revealing dress—in light of the Charles James theme this year. Perhaps, she could have tried a different approach to getting on the red carpet in her look of choice?

The Streaker/Streakers at Prabal Gurung and the Met Gala

The Streaker/Streakers at Prabal Gurung and the Met Gala

By Kerry Pieri on Harper’s Bazaar
Photos by Getty Images and jshi809/Instagram