Jeddah Beauty Blog – Personality of the month: Marriam Mossalli

A name that when typed across an article can be expected to be critically honest and well-versed in the fashion world: Marriam Mosalli, is definitely a role model for all women in Saudi. The founder of Niche Arabia, Marriam, is our personality of the month for a number of reasons and I’ll tell you why.

With more than five years under her belt managing editorials for countless leading publications in Saudi Arabia, Marriam Mossalli is now set on to giving Saudi’s market a new name: Niche Arabia.”

Having interviewed some of the biggest fashion icons today, including Christian Louboutin, George Chakra, Rad Houran and Michael Kors, Marriam has not only established her name within, but has also become a voice for Saudi on international grounds and she’s determined to take a firm stand- in her heels, of course!

Awarded a journalistic award for “Best Critic” in 2011, Marriam is proof of the endless opportunities that Saudi Arabia has to offer to women. What more do we need to understand the level of excellence that women in Saudi can pursue?

But like most things, it doesn’t all come handed to you on a silver platter; to succeed, you must work hard.

“It’s a testing phase,” says Marriam. “Getting through the door is easy, but once you’ve entered it’s about proving yourself and showing people that you belong there. It is our responsibility to set a precedent for the future generations of Saudi working women.”

Personality of the month – Jedda Beauty Blog