Introduction to me

My name is Marriam Mossalli, but that doesn’t matter as much as my twitter account; I could remain nameless as long as there’s a hyperlink to my Facebook page. In today’s world, the printed word is no longer gold. It’s the posted word that remains king. And I’m just an old school editor, with an even older soul, trying to make sense of it all.

I’m opinionated, sarcastic, and completely unable to self-censor my thoughts. Having traveled to the fashion capitals, attended the most exclusive shows, and interviewed some of the top designers ever to appear in the international fashion scene, I can sometimes be a little conceited, which is probably the foremost quality that makes me so appropriate for the fashion industry. I know my fashion, and more importantly, I know that I know my fashion. Have I won you over yet?

Trust me, my sense of self-entitlement makes me the perfect person to tell you how it really is. My ability to make fun of myself, and others—especially others, combined with the seriousness of talent coming out of the Middle East is the recipe behind Shoes and Drama. I am unwavering in my quest to filter out the fluff that is PR requests, the appeal of celebrity endorsements, and a fear to piss anyone off.

I have a one-track mind and it’s heading toward Fashion Truth. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Fashionably yours,