The cARTel Dubai Grand Opening

By Yasmin Ghanem

The cARTel officially launched on Wednesday 27th February with an exclusive Black Carpet Event.

As we are quite aware that Dubai is certainly not deficient of designer boutiques, The cARTel is able to answer all our avant-garde prayers – an entire boutique dedicated to avant-garde fashion. Venturing into Dubai’s first wearable art gallery.

A magnetic evening where “ art meets fashion”. The cARTel transfigures fashion into art and art into fashion – A world in its own right, a world found on the rising Al Serkal Avenue.

The clothes housed are handpicked internationally from 30 designers for the radical and cutting-edge trends and forward looking fashion.



The cARTel interior is in a intricate open space, zestful interactions of black and white cubbyholes giving the feel of a world within another. Clothes were exhibited in the front while the photo studio was in the back, where the fashion show was held. Quite like a fashion-mullet – business in the front, party in the back.


The fashion show emblazoned pieces from the array of designers who symbolize cARTel reverie and poise. The fashion show is better illustrated as a Fashion dramaturgy rendition where the models where elevated into the air on black platforms.




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