Shoes of Prey

By Layal AlKhatib

Metallic Peeptoe heels, genuine snakeskin sandals, and patent leather ballet flats, such is a day at the Shoes of Prey.

Created to create, Shoes of Prey is the brainchild of Jodie Fox, Michael Fox, and Mike Knapp, who first started the company in Sydney, Australia in 2009 with the sole purpose of helping women design their perfect shoe online.

Customers have free reign over the design process where, to begin, you choose from twelve different shoe styles with options ranging from high heels and gladiator heels to flat sandals and wedges.


Shoes of _Prey


Once you have chosen you shoe it will appear on your computer screen in 3D imagery to help you visualize the process.  Afterwards, you can pick the fabric and color of your choice with an array of soft leathers available at your fingertips; you can even overlay your creation with lace!



Alas, you have managed to perfect your ideal shoes, and only a mere five weeks until you meet your perfect pair with Shoes of Prey international delivery policy. If your heart does not skip a beat at the sight of your shoes, you have up to one year to return them for a better fit and remodel free of charge. Not looking to start from scratch? Choose from a gallery of existing designs and customize it to your preferences.

With Shoes of Prey, the designer in you can come out to play where you dream shoes are but a click away!