We unveil our favourite post on AnOther Loves, and interview its Lover | Kermes

Kermès Illustration by Donald Drawbertson

Meet Kermès, the best fashion/cartoon coupling since My Little Karl, as chosen by Andrew Blyszak

We love cartoons at AnOther – indeed, we’ve made our illustrated alter egos a matter of public record – so it’s no real surprise to see a fashion meets Muppet mélange top the Love Vote for the global head of PR at LN-CC, Andrew BlyszakKermès, the French-fashion loving doppleganger of Miss Piggy’s beloved, has stylishly stolen all our hearts in his ebullient delight at getting his hands on a chartreuse Birkin.

Kermès was drawn up by the artist-cum-head of creative development at Bobbi Brown, Donald Robertson – known to his multiple Instagram fans as Donald Drawbertson – appearing on his feed a couple of weeks ago and immediately causing comment and delight. Further incarnations showed the fashionista frog lounging beneath the Hermès logo and springing from the signature orange box; while his famous spouse was not left out, enjoying her own reconfiguration as Miss PiGAGAy. Robertson’s Instagram is chock full of witty fashion visuals, and designers are taking note, with Giles Deacon’s S/S14 collection featuring Robertson’s elegantly slapdash lips handpainted across dresses and shirts. | Kermès & Miss PiGAGAy Illustration by Donald Drawbertson

Kermès & Miss PiGAGAy Illustration by Donald Drawbertson


So, as we fantasise about Kermès taking his rightful place on the front row, Blyszak names his favourite power couple in fashion and imagines his outfit should he and Kermit go for a day out a deux.

What made you love Kermès?
I love both Kermit and Hermès. Kermès.

If you and he were going out, what would you wear and where would you go?
I’d try and palm myself off as his twin in an adjoining green ensemble. We’d probably head to a lush green park to blend in, though I’m pretty sure he’d want to steer clear of any water ways.

Kermit and Miss Piggy are obviously fabulous, but who are your favourite power couple in fashion?
The other best Muppets – Statler and Waldorf!

Do you own any Hermès pieces?
Just one. A vintage knitted t-shirt I picked up in Hong Kong at a hair salon turned vintage store.

What’s the best logo in fashion?
The one that never shows.

What’s your favourite cartoon and why?
Road Runner for she is ambitiously fast and never quite stops.

What are you looking forward to about the festive period?
A countryside stint in Devon with friends and family.

What was the last thing you bought?
The most significant recent purchase was a cashmere sweater for my dog, Myles.



Text by:
Tish Wrigley ( AnOther assistant editor) on this article.