Lots of shoes and lots of drama at Backstage Riyadh!

By: Hibatalla Elshafie

ShoesandDrama was present at the #BackstageRiyadh launching party organized by Tashkeil’s Tanween, the socially-conscious boutique promoting independent designers in the middle east. Following the success of the event’s first run in Jeddah, Backstage headed to Riyadh, to the uber-hip Maison Bo-m at Nujoud mall to be exact.

The event’s name draws inspiration from its concept. The set-up encourages a backstage-at-a fashion show atmosphere (which for those of us not flying to fashion weeks these days was very indulgent!). Models were running around getting their hair and makeup done, while photographers were eagerly grabbing models to photograph their ‘looks’. And did we mention the cool DJ?

But what really made the event, was the exhibit. It included a host of talented regional artists and designers.
This installation art immediately captures your eye as soon as you walk in.
It was a pleasant surprise to see Lina Gazzaz“The Figures of Color” portraits collection on display.

Each Designer’s bio was featured in an interesting and easy to read plaques.
Karma from Egypt, T-shirts and bags as tongue-in-cheek and quirky as their name.
I don’t know how I’ve eventually miraculously managed to un-glue myself from this corner.

In a nutshell Backstage Riyadh’s launching party was what a perfect party is all about: well organized, a beautiful exhibit, good food, great people and music ! If you have missed it, don’t worry; #BackstageRiyadh is open until the 25th of February, so make sure to check it out.