Louis Vuitton is the Most Fashionable Brand in the Fashion World

Mariam Khafagy


By Mariam Khafagy


ShoesandDrama.com | Louis Vuitton is the Most Valuable Brand in the World

Every year, brand management firm Interbrand announces its list of the top 100 most valuable brands in the world and for the first time ever, a fashion brand has made the list! Louis Vuitton now reigns as not only the most valuable fashion brand but also as one of the top 20 most fashionable brands worldwide.

The list is topped by Apple, which managed to end Coca Cola’s 13 year reign. This makes Appleheads like us very happy. Google, IBM, and Microsoft are all in the top 5 positions. So yes, tech rules. That doesn’t surprise us. But what does purchase cialis shock us is that LV rather than Chanel was chosen to be on this list.

Beyond the top 20, H&M ranked at number 21, Nike at 24, and Zara at 36. The next luxury brand on the list was Gucci all the way at 38.

This is yet another major accomplishment credited to now ex-creative director Marc Jacobs. Will LV‘s next-in-line maintain the rise of this fashion empire?


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