Golden Globe Awards 2013 - Best & Worst red carpet looks

Golden Globe Awards 2013 - Best & Worst red carpet looks

By Linah Hashmi


When it comes to the most golden of all red carpet events, what you wear is crucial, and with the whole world’s eyes on you, good style becomes inevitable – and so does my judging! See who made it to my best and my worst from the 70th annual Golden Globe [...]

Subtle VS Statement - Vote!

By Linah Hashmi


We women and our accessories are like a never-ending love affair. Whether you prefer a subtle approach or love to make a statement with your jewels, here are some of the season’s hottest accessories! So who wins this jewelry duel -Subtle or Statement? You decide – sound off your vote in [...]

Louis Vuitton fuses high art with high fashion

Louis Vuitton Art and Fashion Fusion

The prosperous relationship between Louis Vuitton and contemporary art began in 1874, twenty years after the luxury label was founded.

Today, the fashion house continues to retain privileged links with the decorative arts, including painting and design; as well as an unwavering desire of patronage that is driven by creativity and modernity.

“Luxury, fashion [...]

LV and ‘the traveling elephant’

LV and ‘the traveling elephant’

By Marriam M Mossalli

Dior. Lanvin. Balmain. Super luxury brands are known for representing the excessiveness in all of us. Their hefty price tags often insinuate a decadent indulgence of nonessential desires, and rarely do these brands spring connotations of generosity and goodwill. Fortunately, Louis Vuitton is about to change that by going [...]

Men’s Fashion Week, Je t’aime (Part II)

Louis Vuitton Autumn/ Winter 2011

Article by Marriam M Mossalli – Arab News

Last week, you got front row seats to Kenzo, Dior Homme, Hermes and Qasimi. We traveled from the old traditional  minimalism of the Dutch Amish to the futuristic Armageddon of the Arab nomad. Today, Arab News brings you the second edition of coverage [...]