Best & Worst Red Carpet Looks: 2013 SAG Awards


By Linah Hashmi


2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards just ended moments ago but it isn’t really over until I’ve made my judgement! I’m going to start off by mentioning two names – Jennifer Lawrence & Nina Dobrev! Jennifer (what can’t this girl look good in!) just made me fall off my chair in her Christian [...]

Golden Globe Awards 2013 - Best & Worst red carpet looks

Golden Globe Awards 2013 - Best & Worst red carpet looks

By Linah Hashmi


When it comes to the most golden of all red carpet events, what you wear is crucial, and with the whole world’s eyes on you, good style becomes inevitable – and so does my judging! See who made it to my best and my worst from the 70th annual Golden Globe [...]

Behold! The best coats this winter!

dolce and gabbana fall winter 2012 camel coat with cape2

By Linah Hashmi


There is nothing like a perfect coat. They are like a pair of shoes - You can have as many in your wardrobe and still can never have enough of them.  There’s just something about a coat that makes us feel so good, a different kind of feeling, besides just feeling warm. To me [...]

Subtle VS Statement - Vote!

By Linah Hashmi


We women and our accessories are like a never-ending love affair. Whether you prefer a subtle approach or love to make a statement with your jewels, here are some of the season’s hottest accessories! So who wins this jewelry duel -Subtle or Statement? You decide – sound off your vote in [...]

Dolce&Gabbana Gold Edition

By Linah Hashmi


Now that the whole Anna Dello Russo for H&M craze is over, can we move on to some REAL fashion! Here’s some of the most iconic pieces from Dolce&Gabbana’s fall collection – Move aside ADR, because no one does gold & glam like DG


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