Men’s Fashion Week, Je t’aime (Part II)

Louis Vuitton Autumn/ Winter 2011

Article by Marriam M Mossalli – Arab News

Last week, you got front row seats to Kenzo, Dior Homme, Hermes and Qasimi. We traveled from the old traditional  minimalism of the Dutch Amish to the futuristic Armageddon of the Arab nomad. Today, Arab News brings you the second edition of coverage [...]

Men’s Fashion Week, Je t’aime (Part I)

Hermès Autumn/Winter 2011

Nothing is better than sitting at a Parisian café in January during Men’s Fashion Week watching the catwalk of young, chiseled-face models and their chic styles passing through trendy Etienne Marcel. 

This winter, the streets of Paris echoed the marriage of sport casual and sophisticated tailoring seen on many runways, such as Lanvin and Hermès, [...]

Wearable Art: Rad Horani

Rad Horani

The first day of shows for Men’s Fashion Week launched in Paris on June 23. Jordanian-born and Paris-based art and visual designer, Rad Horani, held his first solo exhibition, called Transclassic, at Galerie Joyce, rather than orchestrating a traditional runway show.

Opened to the public the following day and running until July 22, Transclassic features [...]