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Wearable Art: Rad Horani

July 7, 2010 Posted by Mgguzman

The first day of shows for Men’s Fashion Week launched in Paris on June 23. Jordanian-born and Paris-based art and visual designer, Rad Horani, held his first solo exhibition, called Transclassic, at Galerie Joyce, rather than orchestrating a traditional runway show.

Opened to the public the following day and running until July 22, Transclassic features film, audio and visual installations, and of course Horani’s masterpiece of wearable art — a transformable black jacket.
Horani’s innovative marriage of fashion and art drew in a unique crowd. In place of the usual attendees of buyers, press, and stylists was a diverse spectrum of artists and art appreciators, all clad in the unmentioned, yet strictly adhered to dress code of the evening: Black.

“I love black,” states Horani. “It is a reflection of who I am and I like to show that there is a way to wear it that is not depressing; black is mysterious, timeless, sleek and chic.”

Horani believes his usage of black emphasizes his maxim of no gender, no season, and no trends. Horani is ironically able to manifest individuality through a single jacket. Displayed 10 different ways on mannequins, it was almost hard to believe that each utilized the same garment, only transformed and worn in a different manner and paired with classic items.
His androgynous approach to fashion is also admirable. Working with two contrasting silhouettes — man and woman, Horani is still able to create a piece that magnificently personifies transformable, classic beauty.

His designs are maybe unisex, but they are anything but asexual. Instead, the black adds a sense of intrigue and mystery, making them sexy without having to abide to gender roles.

“I believe every society holds these restrictions of gender labeling,” stated Horani. “It’s not just exclusive to the Middle East.”
He creates a universal deconstruction of sex, season and rules through his simple, black and white collection of modern classicism. “I intentionally used female models in the photographic installation during Men’s Fashion Week to emphasize the stripping away of all sense of gender.”
The models Horani shot were specifically chosen by him because of the unique personalities they represent. They embody his idea of style and transcending beauty that does not reference a past generation, nor threaten expiration in the future.
Featuring supermodel Helena Christensen, new “It Girl” Elisa Sednaoui, the classic beauty of Charlotte Di Calypso, and new face Alicia K, Horani’s models convey his message of modern chic. “I find his work both as a designer and visual artist intriguing and interesting,” stated supermodel Christensen. “His pieces are strong in their simplicity and yet full of curious detail.”
Charlotte Di Calypso couldn’t agree more. “I love what he is doing. His idea of following no rules, no season, no gender, it lets us think of freedom and androgynous elegance. I love his geometric cuts and I love his gender free silhouette!”
Sednaoui was honored to take part in the project. “To me, Rad completely embodies modernity,” she said. “He has pure taste and pure heart; a real knight of our century. Like me, he likes minimal, simple — and yet strong shapes; we share a special affection for black and we don’t believe in seasons. Beauty is timeless when it comes from within.”

Race, creed, and sex are obliterated. The only thing left is the raw beauty of humanity. Horani’s world is a world without restraints. It is one that epitomizes the contemporary translation of freedom and revolutionary take on classic chic. Simply modern, yet intricately classic, Horani’s work is in a word — Transclassic.

Article by Marriam M Mossalli – Arab News