The search for the New Face of Toby by Hatem Alakeel 2012

Our motherland culture by which is considered one of the richest in culture in today society has guardians in the fashion world grooming those fashion citizens.

The talented Creative Director and Designer of Toby- Hatem Alakeel sure has his finger on the pulse.

The New Face of Toby, held at Dubai Saks Fifth was truly a fashion event. With so much publicity surrounding the reveal; Style watchers, Designers, Bloggers, Media, Celebrities, loyalists and supporters eagerly awaited to see Hatem Alakeel designs grace the runway. I was thrilled to be there. I felt the butterflies with anticipation as the models appeared.

It was a pilgrim to style. Toby introduced colour, fine detail, iconic elements in the cuff and collar that is a testiment to Tobys signature. In addition to the collection, Toby has introduced a new emerging line of mens shirts that captured distinction and practicality. Chic!

The collection was relevant, elegant and modern as the style detail of each piece was apparent and subtle. The rise of contemporary design to the very traditional arab Thobe/Kandoura is a trend rising as the fashion conscious personalities seek elegance, and originality.

The colourful night revealed Aras Mohammadi as The New Face of Toby by the celebrity judging panel. Fashion today is a pop culture sensation, with the established brands such a Toby, and a sophisticated event such as The New Face of Toby, we hope to see an increase in talented local designers emerge into the Middle East marketplace.

Article by Zena Sari

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