Noosh: The Power to Look Fabulous

Twelve years ago when I first visited the GCC, I couldn’t quiet define the poignant styles of fashion around me. How? Well it was very simple, my attempt to feel a sense of understanding was not energised. The laid back trends that I was used to back home in Australia were frowned upon in the conservative society of the Middle East. My propensity to select styles that would blend in was obsolete.

With the help of the internet, social media, and fashion events, fashion proliferated and local artists emerged; I began to offer a degree of latitude and recognise the unique style of expression.
I soon sobered up. I garnered the attention and development as Middle East fashion pioneered.

Fashion intelligence and eternal graces of local designs filled local boutiques. Women from nearby surrounding countries began to frequent boutiques in search for original pieces.

Enthused local fashion designers began to create pieces that include a sense of decorum, modesty and class without the compromise of their traditional modest clothe known as the Abaya. The legion of young, passionately liberated designers such as Noosh, genuinely boasted their taste for modernism.

Noor Alikhan, creater and designer of Noosh,’ A Passionately Pretty fashion label for the effortlessly stunning’, lauched her Autumn (Fall) /Winter 12/13 collection at Rivaage- Sunset Mall Dubai.

This seasons fashion colours are unashamably romantic and feminine. The variety of styles consist of intricate details that accentuate the entire dress ,while influenced by delicate silks, lace and an allure of pastel, whites and caramel colours. The collection offers a variety of styles with characteristics in each dress to uniquely compliment any occasion. Whether you have an event for work in the day, or a function in the evening, Noosh offers easy to wear designs.

The highlight of this seasons collection was the mysterious black above the knee dress. The original style is a combination of sheer black fabric with elastic hemline capturing youth and energy; a Statement piece that demands attention.

You cannot walk away without loving your wardrobe with a piece of Noosh this season.

At the core of change and development in the Arab world, we celebrate individual style as we embrace the crediblity and artistic intellect of home grown designers.


Article by Zena Sari