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By Jado Arly

This is the ultimate way to blush, sandwiched between a highlight and a low light!


  • Begin with two generic viagra pills shades darker for the low light in a matte finish and a warm undertone. Make sure to low light below the cheekbones as this is where you are naturally grooved… This is also called a contour.
  • Next, use your ring finger to establish the highest point of your cheekbone. Find it just below the outer edge of your eye – this is where the highlight color lands.




  • Make sure the highlight is either frosty or light in color, or both for drama! Pick one of either for a softer highlight. If it is a cream you can still use your ring finger to blend in, if it’s a powder use a small brush like MAC #225. I personally love MAC Prep+Prime highlighters as they are subtle and super chic – they are also shine-free!
  • Finally, select any color for blush… corals are hot next season, like ‘Style’ or ‘Melba’ from MAC. Make sure they are not the same shade as your low light as you don’t want the low light and blush to mush in together.
  • Use a super small blush brush such as the #116 to apply color only on the apples of your cheeks. To do this you want to rotate the brush inwards using a screwdriver motion – this means you are not creating strokes or dashes of color. Simply rotate inwards to stay on the apples. Remember, if you stroke outwards, the colors will mush together!


Jado Arly

Expert Make-up Artist and Instructor
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