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Mac Exclusive 1:1 Lip Workshop with Global Senior makeup Artist Vimi Joshi


by Mona Gulaid

The history on makeup trends in the Middle East flows through the drastic transition from the very traditional Arabic makeup to a more modern hollywood feel. With the rise of social media and celebrity selfies, everyone jumps in on the bandwagon lusting for Jennifer Lopez’s bronze skin, Kim Kardashian’s smokey eyes and emphasized cheekbones, and especially Kylie Jenner’s plumped lips.

Shoes and Drama attended the MAC Exclusive 1:1 Lip Workshop with Global Senior Makeup Artist, Vimi Joshi, as she gave tips on how to perfect the luscious pout.


Tip 1: The perfect nude lip shade for your skin tone


Select a nude lipstick that is within two shades of your natural lip colour. The trick here is to check the skin tone of your neck to select the right tone. Then add a dab of gloss after applying nude lipstick to create volume and prevent creasing.


Tip 2: The perfect shape


Everyone has a different lip shape and arch so it’s important to ensure you apply lip liner to define your lips. Starting lining your lower lip from the sides to the center, and then your cupid’s bow, subsequently working your way outwards.


Tip3: 3D effect

IMG_9322 IMG_9318 IMG_9319

Using a lip liner in a shade slightly darker than your lipstick, overdraw the line (so the line is right outside your lips). After applying lipstick, blend in a drop of pink pigment and top it off with M.A.C.’s Pigment in Vanilla on the center of your lips to get that perfect illusion of a bigger pout.


Tip 4: Lip maintenance

IMG_9324 IMG_9325

Having dry chapped lips isn’t attractive and comfortable at all so make sure you regularly exfoliate and keep them moisturized. One effective home remedy is to mix sugar with virgin oil and scrub it on your lips at night using a soft toothbrush. Slap your favorite lip balm and wake up to a soft pucker in the morning.