RX Prescription: The Loubi Mani

The world has become OCD over Christian Louboutin. A very contagious sickness that has been welcomed by fashionistas and industry leaders alike, CL is in fact contaminating the fashion world in the most thrilling manner ever.

The doctors of fashion have forewarned us of the symptoms:
1. Delirium takes over and we become like bulls, involuntarily charging towards the red-soled creations — we must have them!
2. Our immune system weakens, opening the door to such sickness as debt and driving husbands mad over our expenditure.
3. Lower limbs are suddenly elongated and appear leaner.
4. Posture is also affected, presenting a more confident, sexy appearance.

Doctors also warn there is no cure for the sickness, nicknamed the “Red Disease.” Instead they can only prescribe the following:
1. Do not read, look, or even listen to anything related to fashion! Do not leave your house, or watch fashion shows or shows on celebrities while inside. Because Louboutin is bound to come up and you will instantly be infected with an even more severe strand!
2. Save, save, and save! Because eventually you will be infected, and this will help lessen the severity of symptom two.
3. Lastly, the newest, most state-of–the-art advances in science have brought us the most effective prescription yet, to delay the onset of Christian Louboutin Mania: The Loubi Mani.

The Louboutin Manicure was created by Charles Worthington manicurist, Zoe Pocock. The manicure was inspired by the classic Louboutin style and gives your hands the designer fix you require. It consists of the underside of the nail painted in red polish with the top in a deep black. We recommend using Chanel Vernis in ‘Black Satin’ for the top and ‘Dragon’ for the underside. The look is as chic and attention grabbing as the shoes themselves. The Loubi Mani is not FDA approved as it hot off the runways and has not yet been fully tested. Doctors warn, although designed to delay the Red Disease, it may actually have the reverse effect in the long term and make you more CL-crazed!

 Whatever the result, you can bet you’ll be seeing this sleek, stylish, and highly addictive prescription being filled at salons all over town!

Articly by Marriam M Mossalli – Arab News