Stiletto Surgery- Women Cutting off Body Parts for Vanity
Ted Baker KSA

Stiletto Surgery- Shoes or my Pinky? Women Cutting off Body Parts for Vanity

By Zena Sari

Am going to put this “WTF” craze against “designer vaginas” and couples purchasing “designer eggs” for genetic purposes.

This would have to be one of the most dumbest things women have done in the name of vanity.

Shoes: we all love; You see a hot pair through the shop window and you go inside the store to ask for your size. But, to your misfortune, they don’t have your size and the only pair they have is too tight. You either look for another pair or you walk out, right?! Well, not for some women.

Nip tuck, toe tuck, fillers, toe shortening, Botox. An increase in the number of women are spending tens of thousands of dollars trying fit into designer heels and are willing to surgically transform their feet in the name of ‘comfort’. We walk on clouds when we wear our high heel shoes, while some are willing to go as far as completely cutting off pinky toes, only to pretty their feet in those designer sandals.
Other foot surgeries include removing bunions, and even injecting collagen into the balls of the feet for extra cushioning.

Parts of Asia, such as Japan, China, and Taiwan, have considered female foot-binding “an art of beauty.”

According to historical accounts, the ideology of foot binding started in 970 A.D. However, it was not done with the intention of permanently deforming feet, but to a dance atop a “Golden Lotus” pedestal: a painfully slow process of crushing the bones and flesh into the narrow, pointed shape of a crescent moon. The “Golden Lotus” then, became a euphemism of their delicately bound feet.

Most would consider that barbaric, but women dialing a plastic-surgeon to nip-tuck their feet might just be in par. Why would they want a pinky for balance, when they can squeeze into those 9inch- mind-numbing-heels and have great looking legs?! What better way to spend money on such nonsense?

As women, we are so much more than the sum of our body parts. We may have bought into the lie of physical perfection, but perfection is a subjective state of mind. We need to love the qualities that we cannot surgically enhance, bind or remove, and love the “Fred Flinstone”feet we have! :)



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