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Dubai, United Arab Emirates | In honour of the technological innovations of the TAG Heuer MONACO V4 Timepiece and McLaren Automotive, recently all the members of the exclusive TAG Heuer Celebrity Club 2013-14 were hosted for a sumptuous lunch at the Oasi restaurant in the prestigious Armani Hotel. Post lunch, the members were given the remarkable opportunity to test drive the groundbreaking McLaren 12C and 12C Spider across the streets of Burj Downtown commencing from the hotel.

TAG Heuer ( @TAGHeuerME ) and McLaren , who have held a longstanding partnership, both continue to break records in precision and technological innovation while bringing together artistic expertise with imaginative engineering. Striving to be the best and the fastest, the most accurate and the most avant-garde, McLaren’s goals have long been in line with those of TAG Heuer.

“We are proud to give the TAG Heuer Celebrity Club members the chance to drive the McLaren 12C and 12C Spider #supercars on the road and to make them discover the revolutionizing Monaco V4.  The TAG Heuer mindset is to push further the limits, to offer the best and to share our passion,”said Luc Decroix, General Manager of TAG Heuer Middle East on the occasion.

“We are also honoured to have such a supportive partner as McLaren Automotive. It’s a privilege to have 5 of their cars to give the TAG Heuer Celebrity Club members the most awe-inspiring technologies of today.”

The TAG Heuer MONACO V4 timepiece, which was inspired by precision automobiles such as those designed and engineered by McLaren, was also showcased as a highlightof the event.

With the innovation of Monaco V4 concept, TAG Heuer overturned the fundamental of watch- making, replacing the traditional pinion and the gear transmission with a belt driven moment.The MONACO V4 is an incredible achievement in watch-making that took the TAG Heuer Science & Engineering team five years of relentless effort to turn into a commercial reality.



About the TAG Heuer Celebrity Club:

Launched in 2013, the prestigious TAG Heuer Celebrity Club is composed of a select group of intelligent, talented and trendy men and women who excel in their respective fields, and see every day as an opportunity to create history. They represent the goals of excellence and innovation of TAG Heuer and the brand prides itself on providing its members with remarkable opportunities and experiences in return for their accomplishments.


 About TAG Heuer

TAG HEUER — Since 1860 — Founded in Saint-Imier in 1860 by Edouard Heuer, TAG Heuer has marked the history of luxury watchmaking, especially in the fields of chronographs and ultimate precision. A legend in prestige Swiss watchmaking and one of its most innovative manufacturers, TAG Heuer has built on its active commitment in the sports world to create the most accurate timing instruments and wrist timepieces in the world. TAG Heuer is the world leader in high precision luxury chronographs with an unequalled mechanical accuracy of 1/10th, 1/100th, 1/1000th and even 5/10,000th of a second. In 2012, thanks to the lessons learned through these achievements, TAG Heuer won the world’s most coveted watchmaking award, the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix «Aiguille d’Or». From the Olympic Games in 1920 to its role as official watch and chronograph for the legendary Indy 500 race or for the Formula E, a new FIA championship of 100% electrically powered racing cars, TAG Heuer is unrelenting in its quest for innovation, excellence, performance and prestige.


This ambition is reflected in its partnerships with F1 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team and its World Champion Jenson Button, with Audi Sport in the Le Mans 24 Hours and endurance races, and with the Automobile Club of Monaco for the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix. TAG Heuer is also a partner of Oracle Racing, the 34th America’s Cup defender and winner of the America’s Cup World Series 2012-2013. More than ever, the brand epitomizes prestige and performance through active and socially responsible partnerships with actress Cameron Diaz, actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Shah Rukh Khan and Chen DaoMing, and WTA tennis champion Maria Sharapova.


Today, TAG Heuer develops and manufactures its own movement, the Calibre 1887, a chronograph with an oscillating pinion invented by Heuer in 1887. It also handcrafts the Monaco V4, a movement driven by belts, the Carrera Mikrograph, accurate to 1/100th of a second, and the Carrera MikrotourbillonS, a stunning double tourbillon on a 50Hz movement developed on the Mikrograph platform, and it just launched the MikroPendulumS, the first magnetic double Tourbillon. This exceptional level of watchmaking excellence has earned the company membership in the most exclusive circle of the Swiss watchmaking elite, the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH). This year, TAG Heuer celebrates the 50th anniversary of its iconic timepiece, the Carrera.

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