Versace High Voltage Ready to Wear

By Zena Sari

The evidence is clear! And chronicles of the Versace Empire regaining its Golden Era momentum is definite. With the perfect balance of glamour and sophistication, the DNA of Versace illustrates just why the brand is Italy’s favorite House of Fashion Treasure.

Versace Autumn/ Winter 2012 event at Mall Of Emirates Dubai felt quiet an ostentatious affair. Like usual fashion events in Dubai, the attendees didn’t at all seem interested in the product itself, but rather appeared more concerned with making sure their pictures taken by every magazine photographer present. This new “fashion crowd” did include some regulars, like the randomly posing Dubai model and the waiters robotically refilling glasses of champagne. With my determination to observe this seasons design–and not the exhibitionists on display, I began to weave my way through strangers like a melody on a dance floor.


In true style, never shy of its exuberant styles, the ominous depiction of this season is ATTITUDE.

The controversial woman of edgy sophistication will cause noise when she reveals her sex appeal in a Versace defined leather piece. The black leather pieces inspired by the success of Rooney Mara, ‘Millennium’, included Goth pieces, crucifix printed fabrics, knee length leather dresses, leather jackets, fishnet impression leather knee high boots (upped the volume favorite of mine), with black and silver curve-hugging grommet style dresses..
Versace, synonymous for glitz & glam, in addition produced subdued above-the-knee dresses that feature leopard and cheetah prints of soft fabrics. Colors included bolts of bright orange and electric blue, striking combinations of black and white, reds as bright as Gwen Stefanis signature lipstick, and chrome yellows with expanded Versace letter prints.

Amongst the luscious fabrics was one item that signifies anything but discretion: the luscious raccoon fur jacket. Waist length and not over-the-top, the jacket adds elegance accompanied with any piece in the collection.

Accessories did not take caution either. To remain fashionable this season, it seems a waist hugging belt worn over an evening gown or dress is the new trend. Versace offered a multitude of bright colored leather belts; metallic gold and silver studs, Roman numeral symbols & diamond encrusted buckles adds optimized glam to any outfit.

The handbag; a long-lived essential omen that is never too far from a woman’s mind. Versace indulgence in the edgy rock sensuality combines flirty reds, and edge to satisfy the daring side of every woman. For the subtle conscious, Versace patent red leather bags render a flirty rapture of love, while the patent blacks remain classic and elegant. Our fatal attraction for handbags took me to the black, gold embellished filigree bag. This magnificent Italian creation symbolized gusto, an addition for the discerning taste.

Gianni Versace death left an absence in the empire. His brilliance was hard to match to which caused post designs to fail. The luxury label has been thrown out anomalous results that almost caused a collapse during the financial crisis. Out of darkness of a three-year hiatus, the label returned to profit with restructure and new chief executive Gian Giacomo Ferraris. Versace returned to the heart of Versace design philosophy.

Donatella Versace embodied courage as she revisited her brothers’ last and final collection. She went back to the era that marked history to find a ‘common’ by which included in Giannis designs that lead to success to cultivate the edgy rock, black leather attitude that is the absolute of this collection. Included, the Byzantine cross motif- the stand out piece that is the encrusted crucifix bustier; an unexpected shock factor to leave us so visually inspired.

In her moment of joy Ms Donatella summed up the collection as ‘strong femininity with parallel glamour’..

The future echoes… “I can look at it now with a smile,” she said. “I remember my last moments with Gianni, the rehearsal, the show. But finally I have freedom. I am not afraid.”  

Gianni Versace ingenious legacy continues to live on!



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