In all honesty, the American Music Awards of 2016 had the worst fashion we’ve ever seen! We feel for the women below who just didn’t bother anymore.

From bad to what the hell were you thinking?!, here’s the list of the celebrities that should have just stayed home:

1- Taraji P Henson in Celine

Just like her Empire character, Taraji literally “didn’t give two f**ks” about the AMAs. Taraji looked like she just rolled out of bed and went straight to the red carpet. Yup, that’s what happens when PJs become a trend! But at least she’s wearing a #Celine shirt right? Don’t worry Cookie, we love it when you go all #GhettoFab on us!


2- Chrissy Teigen in Yousef Akbar

It’s really easy to see that Chrissy was in desperate need of attention that night! We get it, her husband is a very private man, her show with Tyra Banks has been cancelled and now her Kardashian friends are totally silent on social media so there’s no place for her to get millions of views! Of course she had a wardrobe malfunction at the event because that’s what happens when you use your baby’s diaper pins to create a Versace-esque look. #TotalFail


3- Zoe Saldana in Monse

The “Star Trek Beyond” actress wore the American flag to the ceremony and we just think it wasn’t appropriate for a red carpet event nor the right time in history to show American pride… Sorry Zoe, but maybe you should have worn this outfit somewhere else. Look at it this way, you can always save it for next year’s 4th of July barbecue!


4- Heidi Klum in Wolk Morais

We’re convinced the supermodel bought way too many gift wrapping paper in preparation for the holidays, and as a good European she didn’t want it to go to waste! …So she wore it at the AMA’s. We’re sorry, Heidi, but we suggest reserving this Wolk Morais jumpsuit on Christmas Eve where only your family, who accepts you and love you for you are no matter what you wear, would be able to see you.


5- Karlie Kloss in Versace

The one Creative Director who could execute Donatella’s vision to perfection is no longer working with Versace so needless to say, they’re having some trouble in the design department. Seriously…if a supermodel like Karlie Kloss looks bad in a dress, that dress should be thrown away. Asymmetry has never looked so bad… Somebody help them please!


6- Tinashe in Michael Costello

Honestly, the entire look is bad so we’re not even sure what to say about it except the red carpet in LA isn’t the beach, honey. Although we understand the weather might lead you to confuse the two. That dress desperately needs a seam on the side. We know tons of seamstresses, we’ll gladly share a phone number with you!


7- Keke Palmer in Natalia Fedner

Keke, Keke, Keke, sigh.. where should we start? First, trends do not work for everyone. Second,  only Rihanna can pull of this look and receive the Style Icon of the Year award by none other than Anna Wintour! Third, fire your stylist!