All you need to know about Haifa Wehbe

All you need to know about Haifa wehbe

Haifa Wehbe, Aphrodite, the real equivalent to beauty, femininity, perfection; the equivalent of all the good things that you can say and what you can’t say or don’t even know. Every woman try to look like her and all the men hope to be quiet close or even around where ever she is.



A)   Nutrition

1)    What is the first thing so you always do when you wake up?

  • I usually take some homey then my coffee; afterward I take my shower and go to the gym to do my daily exercises.

2)    What is your favorite food?

  • Grilled fish but I also like foreign food but the Lebanese one is my favorite one.

3)    What about your favorite dessert?

  • Caramel.

4)    And the avoided food?

  • Fried, greasy and red meat 3 items that I must deal carefully with.

5)    Your week point?

  • French fries, they are irresistible specially when they are fresh.

6)    Are you following a kind of diet?

  • No, I just make sure that I’m eating healthy food as possible as I can, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. I don’t get fast food it’s always replaced by mum’s indoor meals. But at night I eat nothing.

B)   Beauty

1)    A frequent question, how do you keep your beauty?

  • Being beautiful is God’s gift that I try to do my best to keep it using every natural and healthy way. Beauty is like a flower as long as you are giving it the care that it needs, it will always be as beautiful as u can see it. Water and moisturizing cream are my secret key to beauty.

2)    Do you use special products?

  • Yes, hand creams, sun blocks, night creams, several kind of oil also face and body lotions and cleaners cause they work on relaxing your body but I always make sure that my perfumes don’t contains any ingredient that may damage my skin.

3)    What is your favorite juice?

  • Grapefruit cause it’s really healthy.

4)    How do you protect your eyes from stress and dark circle?

  • I’m really lucky cause I don’t face this kind of problem because I don’t smoke or drink alcohol instead I drink green tea and cold water cause they work on cleaning your skin I also give my bed time a big importance that helps on keeping my skin color, vitality and avoid me dark circles around my eyes. And to get rid of them I daily use rose tonic fomentation. And I really think that every woman can avoid them if ever she’s taking a good care of herself.

5)    What kind of facial mask do you use?

  • I always use the natural mask such as clay mask made of seaweed, apple and strawberry mask. I also don’t even try to think about using the ready-made masks because they don’t fit all skin type and may cause skin problems.

6)    How do you keep your hair as healthy and long as it looks?

  • I have my own hair dresser who’s taking a good care of my hair to be as it looks, but I also keep on using indoor hair creams and a good shampoo.

7)    What can you say to every woman on earth?

  • Try to love and like yourself, and look at the beauty inside you, because you are not the only one who can see this internal beauty, it’s reflected also outside; on your appearance. This is the real beauty.

8)    Do feel like want to change anything in you?

  • Nothing.

9)    Which woman part can really express her beauty?

  • Her mind and thoughts; cause thinking and being rational can really show her character and her way of thinking and that what her beautiful.

C)   Fitness

1)    How do you keep your body figure?

  • I keep on practicing my daily exercises that work on every part of my body. I also like juggling and walking, for me, more sport time helps you to reach the shape you want.

D)   Fashion

1)    Do you have your own style and designer?

  • I like fashion, and I’m trying hard to get what really fit me with my own special touch; but sometimes I ask my designer for help while I’m shooting my video clips, but I always choose what I really want to wear.

2)    Clothes give to women or women give them?

  • Of course woman gives everything to the dress cause when she wears something, her choice express her character; that’s why what someone wear doesn’t fit someone else.

3)    A final question, which topic concerns you most?

  • I believe it’s breast cancer; and I want to say that I encourage every woman to make a periodic check-up to avoid this disease.



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