Best Beachwear Inspired by The Fashion Icons of Old Hollywood

By Dawn Wood


With summer officially here, it’s only fitting that today we look into some of the greatest fashion icons of yesteryear. Beachwear has evolved dramatically over the decades, however with the revival of vintage wear becoming increasingly popular with both the older and younger generations, it’s evident that classic swimsuit and bikini styles are having a moment. Marilyn Monroe, Brijitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn and Sofia Loren are among the many iconic women who have shaped the fashion world  as it stands today, and so it’s only fair that we pay a special tribute to their elegance and sex appeal.

Take a look at how contemporary, designer beachwear pieces compare to the iconic vintage apparel that some of the most glamorous women in fashion history wore back in their day…


Sofia Loren


Sophia Loren

Maio Swimwear

Maio Swimwear




















Audrey Hepburn






















Brijitte Bardot 


Brijitte Bardot

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Dolce and Gabbana





















Marilyn Monroe


Jolidon Swimwear

Jolidon Designer Swimwear