CHANEL Ready-To-Wear Autumn-Winter 2014 Accessories

By Tala AlGhamdi

Fashion fades, but Chanel is forever. That’s how it goes right? You can always count on the Parisian based brand for something classy, timeless and with Lagerfeld directing the team, something definitely worth flaunting. The Fall Ready-To-Wear Collection is no exception. Lots of tweed, wool, pearls and even plexiglass (?!) to add to your closet (or your #wishlust).

ShoesandDrama.com | Chanel Fall-Winter Bags 2014

Available in stores this September, just in time for fall, there’s a lot of tweed, wool and warm colors to match to your outfits – or more appropriately, match your outfits to. The always adorable and classy bags, with pearl and leather accents are a nice staple for the this winter. There’s even matching tweed and leather belts and pearl adorned stockings to match if you’re looked for something a little more subtle.

ShoesandDrama.com | Chanel Fall-Winter belt and socks 2014

Socks and heels, nay or yay? Somehow, @Chanel has managed to make these seem actually cute and just another way to wear enjoy your heels in the colder months. No excuses ladies. My personal favorite is the patent leather lace up with real pearl accents, even your feet deserve the best. Best paired with a cute dress or even faded boyfriend jeans.

ShoesandDrama.com | Chanel Fall-Winter Shoes 2014

You can go for a statement pearl necklace or a little edgier with the metal chain necklace, but I think if there’s anything you buy this season, the plexiglass bracelets are gorgeous. The burgundy is pretty for a more neutral and safer look, but the yellow just adds a pop of color every fall outfit needs to survive the drab weather and color palette.

ShoesandDrama.com | Chanel Fall-Winter Accessories 2014

You’ve got until September to save up (or convince someone else to save up for you) before these hit the stores. We know we’re definitely gonna be adding some of these to our #wishlust.