Desert Diamonds: Universally Desired

Women in Jeddah can finally decorate themselves in frosted jewels — well, Desert Diamonds, to be exact. The diamond simulants are stunning, yet affordable. The Desert Diamonds Collection is made affordable because it utilizes superior diamond simulants that to the naked eye are identical to real diamonds.
It was during the 14 years that Sally Cowley, Founder and Managing Director of Desert Diamond Global Group Ltd. spent living in Riyadh that she realized the appeal of diamond simulants.

Consequently, she adopted the concept and established her company in Bangkok, Thailand, where it is still headquartered today.

“Desert Diamonds only uses the name based on the legend of Abha or Qaysumah diamonds” said Modia Batterjee, who manages the jewelry arm of AM Batterjee — the authorized distributor in the Kingdom. “Desert Diamonds get their desert diamonds from all over the world.”

Muna Abu Sulayman, left, and Modi Batterjee at the opening of Desert Diamonds in Red Sea Mall.

The simulants used are of the highest grade and are far superior to other synthetic substitutes available in the market. What really sets Desert Diamonds apart from its competitors is the fact that the laboratory created diamonds are hand cut by diamond cutters in the same way natural diamonds are cut. The diamonds are then hand polished with diamonds powder to give the stones an authentic luster.
“They are then set in 18K gold or silver like real diamonds”, explained Batterjee.

The diamonds are also similar to real diamonds in that they last a lifetime. The website states that Desert Diamonds has a lifetime guarantee and promises that the stones will not discolor, become brittle or crack with age.

“The Desert Diamonds ‘What Women Want’ Collection has been created for the independent, stylish and savvy contemporary woman who enjoys wearing jewelry as a daily accessory on all occasions”, said Batterjee.

“My passion is creating a collection of exceptional jewelry that delights the customer” said Cowley. Through research and the help of prestigious international jewelry designers, Cowley was able to achieve just that.
“Most of the designs are hers and of other manufacturers,” said Batterjee. “I have designed some of my own personal pieces.”
The collection includes high quality diamond simulants, colored stones, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls, set in 18k yellow and white gold, or as an alternative and more affordable option, 925 sterling silver with rhodium plating. “Our jewelry is priced so that luxury is available to all women. Women everywhere are able to purchase by themselves for themselves,” added Batterjee.

Whether you’re looking for a simple, beautiful pair of pearl earrings or an extravagant necklace to add some needed sparkle to your gown for that wedding next month, Desert Diamonds is a one-stop boutique that will have “what you want” without bankrupting your savings account.

Visit Desert Diamonds on the 2nd floor of Jeddah’s Red Sea Mall through Entrance 3.

For hours of operation, call (02) 665-5225.

Article By Marriam Mossalli