Edition KSA: The Kingdom of Limited Editions

Jeddah, (February 26th, 2014) – On Tuesday, February 25th, Saudi’s leading luxury & fashion consulting firm, Niche Arabia, and one of the most innovative online Arab fashion retailers, Mooda.com, hosted EDITION KSA, an event to gather Saudi’s burgeoning fashion community, while promoting and showcasing talented designers from the Arab world.

In addition, to a collection of exclusive items commissioned for the KSA market, Saudi designers, Rana Ismail of boho-chic brand Rana Ismail (Jeddah), Reem Faisal of bridal and evening brand Reem Faisal Couture (Jeddah), and Mashael Al Faris of evening wear brand Moushi (Riyadh), showcased exclusive limited-edition pieces styled by two Saudi stylists, Marriam Mossalli of ShoesandDrama.com and Abubakr Alkaff. Models played the role of live mannequins at the conceptual Libra Boutique. International beauty salon, Toni & Guy Jeddah, sponsored the hair and makeup of the models, and provided consultants that worked with the stylists to complete their looks.

ShoesandDrama.com | Mariana Nahed of Yasmina.com, Marriam Mossalli of Niche Arabia and Delphine Edde of Diwanee

Mariana Nahed of Yasmina.com, Marriam Mossalli of Niche Arabia
and Delphine Edde of Diwanee


Saudi Designer, Rana Ismail, wearing her own line

Edition KSA aims to highlight the various professionals within the Saudi fashion industry, from designer to stylist, to retailer and marketeer. The event launched one of the first all-inclusive initiatives to get various–and even competing professionals to have a dialogue, and perhaps even collaborate!

In addition to these Saudi designers, Mooda.com also curated a trunk show featuring existing designers from its platform such as Tamara Al Gabbani, Aura, Xela Fashion, Caroline Seikaly, Paraphernalia, Ceecode, Lya Lya, Poupée Couture, Sarah’s Bag, Jojoba designs, Instant 24, Madame Reve, and Sarah Melki

It is Niche Arabia and Mooda.com’s intention to bring together the fashionistas and fashion connoisseurs of Saudi in order to create an ongoing dialogue in order to nurture and cultivate the newly emergent fashion industry.

Tormented Artist
Tormented Artist
Dress by Rana Ismail and styled by Abubakr Alkaff
Tormented Artist
Golden Warrior
Golden Warrior
Dress by Tamara Al Gabbani, Styled by Marriam Mossalli
Golden Warrior
Tomboy Princess
Tomboy Princess
Saudi Stylist & Fashion Editor Marriam Mossalli, her styled model, and Saudi designer Reem Faisal
Tomboy Princess


About the looks:

The three looks have been named: Tomboy Princess (Mossalli), Golden Warrior (Mossalli), and Tormented Artist (Alkaff). Tomboy Princess plays with the sneaker and couture trend we witness at Paris Haute Couture Fall ’14, using Reem Faisal’s feminine couture and mashing it with boyish Converse sneakers. Carine Roitfeld “slept in” makeup and messy ponytail completed the look. Golden Warrior played with the color trend of NYFW Fall 14 of blue and gold. Wearing a Tamara Gabbani kaftan, and accessorizing with 24-leaf tattoo from Instant24 on her face and side braids, we created a fierce warrior in surreal chiffon drapery–showing a hard and soft side to this exotic woman. Tormented Artist, which was styled by Bakri Alkaff, which emphasized the minimal aesthetic that comfort is a form of luxury. Wearing a fluid three panel black dress by Rana Ismail, the Tormented Artist stepped out of her studio, paint beautifully and unintentionally in her avant garde hair.

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