Skirt Trunk Show

By Aisha Aslam

ShoesandDrama.com | Skirt Trunk Show at Libra Boutique

ShoesandDrama.com | List of Designers who participated at the Skirt Trunk Show

Jeddah was home to the “Skirt Trunk ShowApril 8-9th held at Libra Boutique – the lovely affair featured 13 talented designers including works by the hostess, Rana Ismail, herself. Perhaps what was equally stunning was the floral arrangements; gorgeous skirt mannequin prepared entirely out of freshly cut petals and strategically placed leaves by the sheer genius, Saudi florist, Nouf al Sabban (@noufalsabban/Instagram).

ShoesandDrama.com | Skirt by Nouf al Sabban (N Cubes)

Skirt by (@noufalsabban/Instagram)

ShoesandDrama.com | Skirt by Nouf al Sabban (N Cubes)

Skirt by (@noufalsabban/Instagram)

skirt by noufalsabban

Skirt by (@noufalsabban/Instagram)

Rana Ismail ( @LibraBoutique10 ) opted for a Moschino-esque approach with her little tulle skirts in black, red. Nora Almoamar label had on display jersey skirts whilst Heba Boutique played with embroidered lace for their skirts. Perhaps nobody knows the art of combining elegance with simplicity than designer Haya Al Rajhi who was also in attendance, with her jacquard skirts & embroidered pops of color, using the finest quality fabric from Paris.

Saudi designer Hiba Aldawi, winner of the Lux Beauty Gallery Dubai event, also showcased her skirt collection which was an eclectic mix of 50′s & the 60′s inspired trends with emphasis on floral prints, beige colors & embroidered lace. Sassy Designs by Saba stayed true to their core & used polka dots, stars, striped, & piped lines for their collection. Whilst Asma Sabbir went retro with trumpets, printed, tribal designs for styling her skirts.

ShoesandDrama.com | Designer Hiba Aldawi

Designer Hiba Aldawi

ShoesandDrama.com | Hiba Aldawi and SassyDesigns

Hiba Aldawi and Sassy Designs

ShoesandDrama.com | Sassy Designs

Sassy Designs

The guests lounging about loved the event, complete with gourmet chocolate courtesy of Chocolatier Godiva, with their decadent white and dark dessert truffles, beverages from the upstairs cafe and went home happy with artfully arranged floral mini centre-pieces by N Cubes (@noufalsabban/Instagram).

chocolates from Godiva

Chocolate from (@Godiva/Instagram)


Godiva Chocolates