The Importance of the Creative Director in Luxury Fashion -
Ted Baker KSA

The Importance of the Creative Director in Luxury Fashion

Edited by Dawn Wood



When the respected fashion labels of this world first opened their doors to a discerning clientele, their reason for existence was to provide premium goods to connoisseurs, and, as such, the skill sets that were the foundations of their business cheap viagra 100mg soon began to provide the stepping stones to the future success of their business.

The workmanship and quality of product spoke for itself, acting as natural marketing for the brand.

Leading fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Burberry and Prada began their lives as specialist artisan workshops, handcrafting the very best luggage, saddles and raincoats for the wealthy elite. It was only once this loyal custom was established that they diversified their offer to optimize revenue potential for their now well-known and highly-regarded brands.

So, the concept of the creative director evolved, with a promise to deliver sustainability and growth, built on the heritage of the brand while moving it forward for new audiences. And today, it is a crucial role in the world of selling luxury goods.

Earlier this year, in a court battle with his former employer Christian Dior, the disgraced John Galliano was revealed to have enjoyed a salary of one million euros, plus annual bonuses of up to 700,000 euros depending on sales figures. The label, owned by LVMH, also gave the flamboyant creative director a grooming budget of 60,000 euros for public appearances, as well as a clothing allowance of 30,000 euros.

Galliano illustrates perfectly the difference between a designer and a creative director: if he had simply been a designer, his anti-Semitic rant wouldn’t have affected the business in the same way, but his personality was so intrinsically woven into the fabric of Dior’s brand values that they chose to distance themselves from him.



You need someone who has a personality that sits well with the brand philosophy and operational structure, and whose design handwriting echoes the long-standing character of the business.

So, the remit of Creative Director is more than just designing product, it’s about an overall vision that takes into account the marketing and advertising strategy, the retail environments, the format of the catwalk presentations, and the lifestyle that their new label is selling.