Trend Setter Anna Dello Russo for H&M- OTT Statement Collection

High on chocolate and not nearly enough sleep, I thought covering the early morning Anna Dello Russo H&M launch would be a subdued event.
As I got closer to the venue, I soon became acquainted to the legion of anticipated fans lined up miles across the mall. Security, cameras, scuffles; I learnt soon enough this was not going to be a small affair and I wanted to feel invisible.
H&M joined forces with the conspicuously flambouyant Anna Dello Russo to release an unashamably limited edition range of accessories, shoes and luggage. A collection of fifty piece items of vintage inspired looks which took six  months to complete. Dello Russo was given full freedom to design whatever inspired her.

The range hit around 140 stores and available online from October 4, just as Paris Fashion Week draws to a close.
In the past H&M’s have collaborated with such artists as Jimmy Choo, Versace and most recently Marni which have proven a retail success. H&M Creative Director, Margareta van den Bosch, said it was extremely exciting to work with Dello Russo, in part with it being the first time involvement with an influential fashion director. Crowds decended,  I observed the vast demographic of followers; male, female, mothers, teenagers vibrant and excited to own a piece of ADR.

Feeling a little like star struck teen outside a club, I am ushered past security petitions and into the madness.

Fashion vultures graced the 8am launch in H&M Dubai which looked like a banquet attack in a chinese street market. The desperation to own a ADR accessority demonstrates the insanity of trend followers; this paints a mad landscape that is the fashion world. With her clinched waist belts, diamond shrouded alligator sunglasses, and over-the-top-bling-in-your-face jewellery, her accessories are the grip of second skin that glamorises JUNK jewellery. Radical style must be a form of empowerment for the overtly eccentric.

This is fashion according to Ms Anna Dello Russo. What Goes Around Comes Around and it certainly came around in a form of recycled styles from the 80s. Snake twisted bracelets, oversized necklaces with cheap gem stones, oversized earings, and gold metalic retractable belts – I felt like I was in a Cindy Lauper music video.

Amid the colourful assortment of jewellery and the gold embellished casings (ADR signature love), a range of baby blue handbags sat on shelves untouched. The disarmingly lightweight quality of the pieces, ‘weightless’, seemed to be designed with the idea of form minus sustainability. Made from thin vinyl, Dello Russo paid much attention to detail and not enough to quality.

While many pieces were snatched off the shelves by the unassuming, the item to gain most attention was the sell out blue cabin size suitcase with gold filigree.- ADR favourite piece. Admittedly, the suitcase looked great from a distance. (sold out before I entered).
Surprisingly, the well styled shoes were whimsical in popularity. Limited designs were available in-store.
Although I believed no part of this collection symbolised quality, I was aquainted by a fearless zip- back knee high boots. Made of black leather, it was the only piece of elegance I appreciated, however got overlooked.

The collection was a series of time capsule designs which represent Miss Dello Russo passions – her over-the-top pile up, her love of extravagance and love for jewels. All of the items, including the packaging, presentation, and invocation was curated specifically for this event and it was exceptionally successful. Prices did not match the quality of product, however many satisfied buyers left with loads of shopping bags.

ADR limited collection did not excite me. I expected an astounding alternative to everyday items . The collection represented products that can be found in generic stores, bazaar, and street markets, therefore could not understand the intense hype and anticipation.
There is an entire generation of young women who have never given a thought to subtly.

Beauty is not the surface of a gem stone carved into metal, but the subtly in accessorising our own confidence that is beauty.

After a long reflective pause, I realised the power of marketing.

Article by Zena Sari




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  • Liseta

    Love the honesty of the article,spot on reality check on this collection,half amazing/craving dementia inducive,half low quality and not really worth it.I agree,suitcase,clutches and shoes were to die for,the jewelery and sunglasses were just disapointing at the touch.I was happy to notice that the golden boots were Made in Portugal : )

  • Liseta

    Just as a remark,Im really pleased to see a blog were it seems that your just talking with your best friend,that you can trust and rely on the opinion,advise and contents of the blog.
    I lost my trust in blogs when I start realizing they would advise and speack wonders of products that would sponsor,send samples,presents and other cortesys to the blogger,so its really great to see someone doing it diferently.My congrats and appreciation to the Blog and the writters involved : ) You definatly won a follower and im sure many more think like me!

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