Bottega Veneta’s Essence Aromatique line evokes luxurious yet everyday moments of relaxation, cool and calm. Imbued with the freshness and casual elegance of the men’s and women’s Essence Aromatique fragrances, the new Bath and Body Collection extends the sensory experience of Bottega Veneta’s interpretations of a classic cologne.

Guided by the vision of Bottega Veneta Creative Director Tomas Maier, the men’s and women’s Essence Aromatique fragrances are defined by their fresh and vibrant notes of Italian bergamot and Indonesian patchouli, interpreted with an ambery sensuality for women and a woodier heart for men. The Essence Aromatique Bath and Body Collection products capture the refinement and tranquility of these fragrances and perfectly fit a relaxed yet sophisticated lifestyle.

Capturing Bottega Veneta’s understated approach, they offer a common olfactory journey to women and men who share the same style and individuality.


The elements of the new Bath and Body Collection include body scrubs, hand & body washes, hand & body lotions and perfumed soaps, infused with the scents of the men’s and women’s Essence Aromatique fragrances.

Invigorating and reassuring, the Essence Aromatique bath and body collection is an everyday treat that stirs and enlivens the senses with refined lightness. From scrub to lotion, each element becomes part of an intimate beauty ritual, for which the finest ingredients are painstakingly selected and blended for a modern attitude and luminous glow.

The ritual begins with the body scrubs, formulated with apricot extract to leave the skin fresh, smooth and soft. Next come the hand & body washes, with their luxurious lather and revitalizing fragrances to cool and soften the skin with lighthearted elegance. The bar soaps exalt the conditioning effects of shea butter while their richly fragranced foam gently cleanses with a light trace of scent. Finally, smooth and rich, the hand & body lotions moisturize the skin with a supple radiance and a fresh infusion of the Essence Aromatique scents.


Each product reflects Bottega Veneta’s design aesthetic, embracing the unique scents and iconic motifs for which it is known.

Echoing the subtly colorful and breezy character of Essence Aromatique and Pour Homme Essence Aromatique, all products express an understated sophistication. The distinctive intrecciato motif is engraved at the base of the generous 400 ml frosted bottles as a subtle touch of Bottega Veneta’s craftsmanship and timeless designs. The soaps are engraved with the emblems of the Bottega Veneta women’s and men’s lines, the butterfly and the screw head, respectively, then wrapped in fine silk paper and tucked in refined intrecciato patterned boxes, underlining the casual elegance of the line.

The collection is characterized by the gentle pale green and blue green of Essence Aromatique and Pour Homme Essence Aromatique, presented in generous formats whose refreshing and pleasing textures offer a luxurious break in one’s daily routine, a soothing tranquility infused with the Essence Aromatique fragrances.