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Every Single Piece of the Isabel Marant Pour H&M Collection

ShoesandDrama.com | Every Single Piece of the Isabel Marant Pour H&M Collection

Isabel Marant For H&M – Wool cardigan, £79.99; leather trousers, £179.99; top, £59.99; boots, £149.99


Designer collaborations with our favorite high street retailers are obviously some of the greatest ideas in the world, combining our love for amazing designs and our significant others’ desire to maintain a healthy credit balance. So clearly, we were excited about the Isabel Marant Pour H&M collection. Here’s what we think of the French designer’s boho-chic collection.

We love: that the collection has everything! From sweatpants and basic t-shirts to sparkly dresses and formal coats, there is something for everyone in this collection. The collection also includes a section of accessories. Definitely eyeing the scarves!

We hate: It’s hard to hate anything about this collection but there are two things that killed for us: 1. How basic some of the pieces are. I mean, do we really need plain white tank just because it has Isabel Marant on the tag? 2. The frumpy wool sweaters; they’re hardly flattering for anyone and kind of remind us of our rugs.

Pieces we’re dying for: basically everything other than the plain white t-shirt and the frumpy wool sweaters.

And here are some of the pieces in the collection so you can get your plan of action ready for the launch on November 14th!


You can view the full collection here:
Vogue UK