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By Aisha Aslam

According to Khulood, fashion designer and founder of @bintthani, the BINT THANI woman embodies the air “of a lady who likes to style herself in a contemporary way”. The designer renowned for her Turban lines became an instant favorite when the line first launched in 2012. Now her headpieces have become staple accessories for the Khaleeji fashionista’s wardrobe.

The designer recently forayed into the multipurpose line when it came to designing her headgear. Her “7 + Styles Turban” offers wearers the chance to recreate multiple looks according to their preferences & face outlines (big thank you from all non oval shaped faces, myself included).

The latest BINT THANI Collection, “The 7+ Styles Turban”, emphasizes on a contemporary outlook by focusing on design, fabrics and color selection. The design is pivoted towards functionality, whereby the same turban can create up to 7 different styles or more. Furthermore, the adoption of an interesting mix of texture; the usage of the matt satin versus the shiny satin, gives it a more chic feel, making it perfect for day wear or a night out with the girls.


The 7 + Styles Turban from BINT THANI ’14 Collection

The S&D Team caught up with the designer, and here is what she had to say.

S&D: We love that your collection focuses on functionality as well as aesthetics. Are those 7 designs easy to recreate for those new to the turban world?

BT:  Yes, actually the “The 7+ Styles” collection is a contemporary approach for the turban, with an emphasis on practicality, making it easy for newbies. I wanted to offer wearers versatile design options when it came to styling. Keeping that in mind is how I came up with this collection. This line in particular has also been featured recently in our participation in Vicenza, during the Origin Passion and Beliefs Fair.

S&D: What’s your favorite turban headpiece and how would you personally style it?

BT: I’m someone who enjoys wearing turbans. For me personally, I believe it adds elegance to a ladies form. My favorite piece is the emerald color headpiece of the “The 7+ Styles Turban” collection.


Emerald Turban BINT THANI ’14 Collection

The turban could be easily styled either with jeans for a causal look or with abaya or an evening dress to givea more glamorous look.

S&D: Which GCC cities do you feel have developed a fondness for the Turban headpiece?

BT: In terms of the turban’s popularity, I would say most of the GCC countries, but mainly, UAE, Kuwait and Doha.


Jet Black Turban from BINT THANI ’14 Collection

S&D: We understand you were showcasing the “Between the Dunes” edition in Italy this week. Were you excited? Can you tell us how was it received there?

I was so lucky to be picked up by @NOTJUSTALABEL , who have supported another 100 designers from 5 different continents to be part of this “Origin Passion and Beliefs” Fair in Vicenza, Italy this May, presenting our work and meeting several handicraftsmen and Italian manufacturers with a great history in the fashion industry.

BETWEEN THE DUNES story is actually inspired from the beautiful Arabian sand dunes, and it’s a semi-couture dressed that has laser cut pieces that make up the dunes in different layers, and we also use camel leather as an unconventional accessory, a piece that goes around the neck with a hood that has the shape of the camel’s hump. For me, I just found it as the right platform to present work coming out from the Gulf in a contemporary approach. Our generation is different, and we might take the couture pieces to the other extreme of being rougher, and more concurrent.


S&D: The Mohawk Turban from Bint Thani generated quite the buzz, as has your “Folds & Folds” collection. The 7+ Styles remains at the forefront with its added functional appeal. When can we expect your next collection and can you tell us what will be its central theme?

BT: There will be always headpieces within my plans, and usually they will take the route of certain concepts and trends. I will be keeping you apprised ;)

ShoesandDrama.com | The-BINT-THANI-Mohwak-Turban-Punk-Purple

The BINT THANI Mohwak Turban – Punk Purple

It is the optimal bad hair day solution (just kidding) and just the right fashion trend.
For orders & inquiries, customers can email at: info@bintthani.com