Gc introduces genius concept of Smart Luxury

June 8, 2011 Posted by Mgguzman

By Marriam N Mossalli

All of us can recall the time when we were young, budding fashionistas flipping through the fashion magazines of the 1980′s, admiring the iconic black-and-white images of GUESS’ ad campaign. These 1950’s stylized ads featured  sultry models, often unknowns, who then gained prominence through them — think Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova and Laetitia Casta.  These models and their seductive Sex Kitten appeal made GUESS more than a household name; it made it an irresistible lifestyle — one that we all dreamed to be a part of.
Fast forward to the present day. Paul Marciano, the visionary tour de force behind the GUESS empire, which grew to encompass not only jeans and fashion, but also accessories and perfumes, is still seducing us into his world of sophisticated vogue.

Implementing the same philosophy that placed him as the head of the global fashion giant, Marciano decided to launch a prestige watch brand that would combine all the codes of fashion as well as the indulgences of luxury, while offering value and substance with a smart price-conscious approach. The result was a custom-made brand of “Smart Luxury,” for a fashion-savvy and quality-driven clientele.
In essence, the Gc brand was founded for people, like Marciano himself, who aspire to a sophisticated standard of bespoke living. Although distributed since 1997 by Sequel AG in Switzerland, and embodying Swiss quality combined with European design, it wasn’t until 2002 that the Gc brand became Swiss Made. In less than 15 years of its existence, the brand has successfully become one of the top 10 Swiss Made watch making brands in the world in terms of volume.
It’s no secret that the reason behind the brand’s success is its ability to infuse individual expression into a product of unmatched luxury, all the while making it affordable to its consumers. “It’s ambitious, fashion-oriented, and expressive,” stated John Marcheschi, International Brand President of Sequel AG for both Guess and Gc Watches “It’s all of that, plus it comes with value!”
Gc embodies a seamless fusion of timeless fashion and Swiss Made quality watch making. “From the handset diamond dials to the multi-faceted bracelets, Gc doesn’t sacrifice in neither quality nor luxury,” explained Marcheschi. Each timepiece is an expression in luxurious sophisticated aesthetics. “You design it so everyone wants to have it, but price it so more people can have it,” he continued.

And, with the Gc brand now representing 85 percent of the company’s sales (and still growing), it appears the formula is working. Currently, Sequel AG distributes Gc Watches in over 70 countries worldwide through a network of 60 distributors and 5,000 retail outlets, including Gc boutiques, the largest of them having recently opened its doors in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Al-Dawliya for Watches held an exclusive event at Jeddah’s Park Hyatt Al Sohba Ballroom to inaugurate Gc’s largest boutique worldwide thus far. Consul General Hans Stalder of Switzerland; Taha Ali Al-Haddad, managing director of Al-Dawliya; and Marcheschi attended the inauguration of the 63 Sqm space located in Stars Ave Mall.

Perhaps Gc’s new campaign is soon-to-be the iconic campaign of this new generation of aspiring fashionistas. A unique project that utilizes rising local stars, selected photographers are invited to develop their very personal artistic concept to interpret and capture moments of Smart Luxury in their photography, infusing emotion into the brand and celebrating a lifestyle rather than a product. These moments reflect individual expressions of joy, emotional moments of achievement or personal success — freely chosen with the artistic eye and personal experience of the photographer. The “Moments of Smart Luxury” campaign is a two-year worldwide initiative that will result in an international exhibition of selected pieces from around the world.

Gc is expanding to become a full lifestyle brand through its growing network of dedicated Gc boutiques and using the signature Gc Smart Luxury to express the brand’s unique selling proposition of providing Swiss Made timepieces and other bespoke luxury accessories that offer premium quality and design at an optimal price point.
Gc offers substance, value and fine craftsmanship to fulfill dreams of self-expression and success reflecting personal achievement. Gc stands for people who are successful, are proud of it and feel good about themselves. Marcheschi revealed that his Moment of Smart Luxury comes from his work with the company’s CSR: Time to Give, which has used percentages of sales to build orphanages and schools in under-privileged communities in Ethiopia, Brazil and China.
“My own personal luxury comes from doing what I love every day, constantly creating new things and pushing the boundary of what is possible,” stated Marciano, who is not only the president, creative directive and founder of GUESS Inc., but is also the official spokesperson for the Gc brand. “Watches are one of my great passions and I wanted to create a statement of luxury that would be an extension of who I am.”

Marciano continues to be the brand’s inspiration and is active in every aspect of its development, as well as in the design of every timepiece.
“As such, the creation of Gc was one of my moments of Smart Luxury. Gc timepieces embody the Smart Luxury concept — fabulous design, excellent quality, attention to detail and all at a remarkable price point — that makes me feel good when I wear them. Gc expresses a part of me and makes a statement of what my passion is,” explained Marciano.
But you don’t have to be a fashion mogul to have a Moment of Smart Luxury.

We all have had that moment: a moment of pure satisfaction at our self-accomplishment in which we excessively bask in our wit and prowess. It’s an emotional high that cannot be manufactured. It’s a feeling of self-fulfillment that invites a sense of pride and harmless arrogance.
It’s that Le Perla lingerie that actually made your husband forget his favorite football team was playing on TV. It’s that designer abaya you wore that had all the women envying you from across the room. And it’s the sense of accomplishment you get after handing in an article to your editor minutes before the 9 p.m. deadline. It’s that “feel good” sensation that you get when you know and feel that you have made the right choice, in your creation, in your profession, in your life…even in your watch purchase.

So the real question is: what’s your Moment of Smart Luxury?

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