Hollywood blondes and Luxury brands

By Linah Hashmi


If you’re blonde (with the exception of Kristen Stewart, but shes as good as one) and famous you can become the face of a high end luxury brand because apparently that’s what it takes! Looks like Hollywood stars as the new faces of luxury brands is the new trend! It was Blake Lively for Gucci, Brad Pitt for Chanel, Kristen Stewart for Balenciaga, Jennifer Lawrence for Miss Dior and now Simon Baker is the latest Hollywood actor to join them as the new face of Givenchy’s mens fragrance. What happened to models who actually fit the brands’ portfolio! Are high end European designer brands running out of faces that represent what they stand for?? Because Hollywood actors definitely don’t! And im against mixing the two! Who’s next? Lady gaga for Versace? And if that actually happened (I wouldn’t be surprised if it did) then while Brad’s Chanel No.5 ad looked like a movie trailer (I got lost halfway through his long emotional quote and distracted by his blonde locks, I didn’t even think about the fragrance), I don’t want to even imagine what an Gaga for Versace ad would look like! Im gonna shoot myself. Your thoughts!