It Will Probably Smell Like Ass, But At Least the Bottle is Going to Look Chic as Hell! -
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It Will Probably Smell Like Ass, But At Least the Bottle is Going to Look Chic as Hell!

By Marriam Mossalli

You could literally sell me cat urine, and I’d still buy it if it were packaged in a cool bottle by Phillipe Starck. The truth is, the contemporary designer has a Midas Touch of chic when it comes to anything he designs. Today, he ventures into Coco Chanel territory, with plans for the launch a line of fragrance!

Phillipe Starck

Phillipe Starck, a French product designer and interior designer.

French-born Starck is equally well known as an interior designer, a designer of consumer goods, and for his industrial design and his architectural creations. Most of us know his style through his stint chez Allessi and various other manufacturers of utility and decorative items for our houses, but the famous designer has contributed his exceptional talents to multiple projects spanning even perfume bottle design (such as the metal plated kissing doves for the anniversary editions for L’Air du Temps). | L'Air du Temps Starck limited edition 2010

L’Air du Temps Starck Limited Edition 2010

The new line by Starck is a collaboration under the aegis of Spanish company Perfumes y Diseno, founded in 1989, who is the license holder for the Roberto Verino fragrances, as well as the distributor for the Salvatore Ferragamo and Annick Goutal perfumes in Spain. The president of the company has been reported to have said that it is an honor working with Philippe Starck but also an opportunity to do a brand from scratch, as per quotes appearing in the Spanish press.

Even though the details of the collaboration are under wraps for the moment, rumor has it that the line will see the light of day in 2015, making its international debut in the market.