JIMMY CHOO Presents: CHOO 24/7 StyleMaker And Cruise 13

By Ushi Sato

Last Wednesday night, I attended the chic Jimmy Choo event featuring Cruise 2013 Collection at The Address Hotel, Dubai Mall.

Excellent collection for the crazy shoe lover, a range of flattering pairs, metallic and patent heels were presented like candies -with matching bags and clutches. It was a series of modern Jimmy Choo signature styles, as well as the hip and stylish trendy pieces that is perfect for today’s fashion. And while one lady passed out because of the overwhelming collection, I enjoyed the brand’s latest digital drama.

It was also the night of celebrating the newest Jimmy Choo fashion propaganda, the new Stylemaker’s website – www.choo.247.com which is an interactive site featuring photo galleries of street-style fashion images.It’s basically a website where you can upload a picture wearing a Jimmy Choo piece, which I find perfect for the attention grabber and narcissist – somewhat like me. :) The website is categorized in different sections according to location – Dubai, Doha, Paris, Japan. A selection of images from the best fans are uploaded and shared internationally reflecting Jimmy Choo’s style personality!

The idea isn’t new anymore, because it has been widely used by most of the fashion bloggers around the globe (eg. cookbook.nu), where promoting a brand through street-stye fashion, worn by normal people instead of calibre models is somewhat a new norm in terms of today’s fashion business propaganda.

Digital marketing has become the new idea for most fashion businesses, and it has been a phenomenal subject until now.