Want to spoil yourself? Medical Pedicure Rewards you with Perfect Feet

By Zena Sari

One of the most common alternatives people have turned to is Medical Pedicure- the helm of relaxation.

Contrast to the classical pedicure, the medical pedicure provides the most thorough, and ensures absolute foot safety and hygiene (the probability of infection by various diseases – hepatitis, HIV, fungal infections – is reduced to almost zero).
Salon pedicures usually work with one thing in mind: cut and paint in the most economical way.  Qualified, well trained personnel aren’t a common factor in salons, and very little attention is given to hygiene to prevent cross contamination from one client to the other. At times, self- conscious clients would bring their own pedicure instruments to the salon; however this does not ensure complete protection from nail infection.

Of course salon staff would not consider the medical condition of the client or that of their nails and skin. Everyone is generically treated, re-using the same instruments they used on the previous client placing you in danger. Instruments are not being sterilized, gloves aren’t being used, nor salon equipment disinfected…. Gross!!
Here are some common problems with salon nail treatments as advised by Dr. Khalid Edrees.
-    In-grown toe nail; direct result of poor cutting of the nail that grows into the skin, cause pain and often prone to infection. If left untreated, it would inflame the skin and sadly avoid you wearing your favorite shoes.

-    Fungal infection; caused by poor hygiene and poor disinfection of beauty salons and instruments. Fungal infection in the toe nail is ugly and would make any woman want to hide her feet.

Dr. Khalid Edrees has said, ‘If fungal infection is left untreated, infection has the ability to spread to other nails and onto skin. Treatment is taking pills for 3 whole months which are strong enough to harm your liver’. That should raise the alarm and keep you conscious whenever you consider visiting a salon.

-    Skin infection opens the gates of hell; warts, viral infection, athletes’ foot, hepatitis and other infections which you want to avoid. (Who would have ever imagined)

-    Over cutting the cuticle and skin could make the nail vulnerable to deformity, infection and nail dryness. Salon instruments- usually sharp- could ultimately cause cuts which could become a ghastly sight.  Pumice stones -used to remove hard skin and to smooth out the feet- have been known to cause burns with friction causing cuts to the skin. Ouch!!Am sure at some point we’ve experienced this pain at least once.

Now that you feel disgusted, am sure you are all compelled to bring about change!!!

‘Your protection and safety is of utmost important’Dr Khalid Edrees has recommended the Medical Pedicure for complete satisfaction. ‘There are significant advantages of a medical pedicure with most important being peace of mind’…..
Expect to spend 45- 60 minutes of your time while your feet are being examined by a highly trained nurse with integrated knowledge and experienced for any possible concerns. Your feet are being diagnosed to begin the several components needed to facilitate Foot Care in accordance to sanitary standards.
Sterile nail instruments are used and several runs are done with highly specialized power instruments.

Here are some details of our standards and how you can receive state of the art foot care:
-    Qualified personnel, typically a nurse or a nurse assistant is the person who does the treatment under the supervision of a podiatrist. Staff are highly trained at well-established institutions.
-    Instruments are surgically- standard sterilized multiple times in accordance with sanitary-epidemiological requirements with hospital grade autoclave units
-    Instruments are specialized for pedicures with powerful machines similar to that of a dentist.
-    Treatment will be proper trimming, removal of callus in a re-energized and spectacular way that won’t leave you with ugly cuts, burns or ingrown nails resembling the feet of a cave-man.

Unlike in a classic pedicure, the medical pedicure carefully handles the problem area between your toes. Without violating the layers of the epidermis, over cutting skin or cuticle, or over shaving callous- medical pedicure removes dead cells using powerful, sterile nail instruments.

The podology specialist/ nurse will recommend a home care treatment for the feet; creams and lotions to help treat cracks, blisters or ingrown nails. Staff objective is to educate the client how to better understand their nails and skin to reduce risks of complications and infections.

Medical Pedicure is suitable for people who have skin problems such as calluses, corns, cracks, and excessively sweaty feet, or just those who wish to get pampered. It’s accompanied by acupressure therefore you would leave feeling as though you’re floating on air.

The benefits are many and the treatment is painless; your feet would feel as soft as silk you’d want to put your best shoes on! Pampering is never too much, so get to it ladies, !!