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Jewelry at its finest beauty can never fail to make a woman’s heart skip a beat and her eyes sparkle in joy that not even any man could be able to do. It’s our acchiles heel!

Last April 15th, The Sunaidi Exhibition at the Hilton Hotel in Jeddah was filled with dazzled eyes caused by all the beautiful crytals around us. After a minute or so, I found myself pausing for the Koheeji Jewellery booth. Designed in defined prestige and creativity, their collection pieces were truly eye-catching and heart-stopping. It was lust and love all at first sight!

Kooheji collection pieces defined creative pieces and charms than what others have to offer which makes each piece genuine and beautiful. This is what I most absolutely adored about them; the fact that we can be able individualize each piece to suit our best interest or express and emphasize our individuality and character. After all, we can all wear the same thing, but I’ve always believed people should be able to set themselves a part from another, thus making something we have entirely our own.

Koheeji Jewellery has been around for 50 years in the industry with Bahrain as their main headquarters. The store now also has branches in Riyadh and Eastern Province. It was established by the Koheeji brothers in the area of Abqeq in 1952.

Offering the best international designers in the store such as Arzano, Tirisi, Ponte Vecchio Gioielli, Annamaria Cammili Firenze, Giovanni Ferraris, Giloro and Casato Roma, the pieces were truly to die for.

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