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Ted Baker KSA

Kielh’s X Fatma AlMulla Limited Edition Collection


In honor of the collaboration with a local creator and an international brand, we had a quick chat with designer Fatma AlMulla on partnering with American cosmetic brand, Kiehls. 

1- Q: Suntop or Vimto?

A: Suntop 

2- Q: Your favorite emoticon is?

A: I love the watermelon and the palm tree, if you mean one of my drawings; I love the dihnoud and the chai karak. 

3- Q: Which of the Kiehl’s product from this limited edition that you can’t live without?

A: I love all the products truly, but if i had to pick a favourite it would be the avocado eye cream, I love how it helps around your eyes being very hydrating and works wonder even under make up and u truly do see a difference after a while

4- Q: Any tips on when and how to use that product.

A: I tried to use it a few times before applying makeup and it truly seems like I have concealer on when I apply it.

5- Q:  What’s your favorite product from your collection?

A: The niqab phone cover 




6- Q: Tips on how and when to use it? 

A: Everyday, you can even put the Niqab in front of your face and use it as a disguise. 

7- Q: What’s the inspiration behind the prints on the packaging and gift boxes?

A: The inspiration is culture, our Khaleeji culture; I am very inspired by old stories, photographs and things they used to do. We still (carry on the traditions) by doing the same thing like light the bukhoor, use an old dihnoud scent. I take these elements out of their context, I take these prints, ways of doing things, and transform it into modern art, and something that today’s modern people can still relate to.