LEVEL SHOE DISTRICT EYE POPPING STORE- Nurturing our insatiable appetite

By Zena Sari

Some may visit a reflexologist to cure feet; some visit a designer shoe store to cure all their aches and pain.

So why are shoes the next best thing to a woman after diamonds?
Where does this ‘addiction’ come from and why shoes are so important to women?
Was Cinderella and that glass shoe what started this whole obsession? Why do we have an ominous urge to always have more, one more that’s never enough?

Experts say that women enjoy buying footwear as an instant pick-me-up and enable women to exert their femininity, and what better place than Level Shoe District.

Shoesanddrama got to invite their close friends to attend the preview  of the madness at Level shoe District in Dubai mall, the haven of shoes; I knew it was going to dangerous affair, but also an exciting affair.

Frothing like a kid in a candy store, the extraordinary ninety-six thousand square feet (96 000sq/ft) shop-in-shop features a vast range from distinguished international designers such as Saint Laurent, Valentino, Giuseppe Zanotti (an iconic favorite) to the premium young lines that blend street glam & sports chic – Converse, Puma and Addidas. The trend of high fashion designer brilliance, collaborating with mass retailers is a benchmark. I found an amazing pair of patterned converse designed by Missoni at prices we can actually afford.

Forty leading designer shop-in-shop boutiques with more than 250 brand names is the brainchild abstract from the very successful Chalhoub Group- a powerful local and regional distribution group that market luxury fashion brands and strive by their ” passion to build brands ”.
Astute buyers have intuitively chosen curatorial pieces catering for the Middle East shoe connoisseurs; in addition have selected a range of limited designs sold only in Level Shoe District.
Christian Louboutin exclusive designs are an addition to the Men’s and Trend multiband area. Exhibiting a three way entrance, there is no doubt that every shoe addict visiting the shoe district will have their hearts strings tugged at the exquisite Louis Vuitton flagship POP-UP shoe store.
First and only in the world, Louis Vuitton Maison has honored the opening by launching the Spring/Summer 13 collection, month before anywhere in the world.

The luxury shoe store experience offers an award winning foot specialist Margaret Dabbs – Sole Lounge Foot  Spa will be offering holistic foot care treatments such as reflexology, foot detox baths in a tranquil relaxed space (yes even feet have toxins after strolling in 6inch heels), medical pedicures, polishing and shaping manicures. A perfect place to unwind after a hard day shopping.


The best part of the preview was finding me seated in the VIP lounge which allows for any woman to reflect on the fateful encounters of shoes. It’s a place where friendships can form, a place of escape as different women are brought together by a shared passion that is shoes.
Interior architects of Selfridges UK executed the intricate warm, oval design that is characterized of harmonious components. The lounge consist of soft colors; mauve, cream, white, with mini leather tiled walls, velvety textured seats secretly hidden behind a floor to-ceiling draped sheer white curtains.

Conde Nast, parent company Conde Nast Restaurants, mixing food and fashion, will launch Dubai’s first pop-up Vogue Cafe serving international cuisine and Vogue Espresso bar inside the world’s largest luxurious shoe store. Other first class amenities include an in-house cobbler to restore any shoe back to health.

LEVEL SHOE DISTRICT DUBAI MALL is certainly not for the timid. I loved the mix of vendors and discovering lots of new brands. Definitely the place to be!

So how is it we remedy a shoe addiction? It’s empowering to be in heels; when a woman is in high heels, it lifts her status. It seems the answers may be that the heel can create an illusion of a more slender leg, and with added height, poise can make a woman feel especially sexy. We are programmed to want to look beautiful- genetically, socio-biological-  shoes could never make you look overweight. This is the change we seek to our mood and the addiction to such feeling.
On an intellectual level you know that spending $900 on a pair of pointed, cripplingly uncomfortable heels is unhealthy – and yet we continue. A great pair of shoes can make you look fantastic, price is never a deterrent, and the desire for indulgence is never given a second thought.

On behalf of many women, I believe this is one addiction we hope a cure is never found, and the drama we enjoy so much continues when it comes to our love for shoes…

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