My Fashion Compromise of 2012

By Marriam N Mossalli


During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, I found myself arguing nonstop with fashion bloggers and street style photographers over the idea of Street Style becoming a trend rather than a movement–which it was initially. The street style person is essentially the fashionista anarchist! She or he doesn’t follow trends or fashion rules–they wear navy with black and make it look spectacular! Unfortunately, today street style is a costume… with high buns, red lips, cheap Balmain-inspired knock-off blazers and a cheer mullet skirt. Oh, wait, don’t forgot the outlandish sunglasses and an overdose of neon.

But as an editor, I have to go with what my audience likes… and unfortunately, many of you love this street style/blogger look (which sorry to burst your bubble, is now a carefully constructed look created by marketing and branding consultants!). I know trends… I’m even able to predict them (it’s all about patterns and fashion cycles baby!), but it does not mean I have to love them. Everyone knows that neon is forbidden in my office (unless used as an accent to a NUDE outfit), anything with spikes gets confiscated and placed on the “Shelf of Outfit Shame”, and unless you’ve time traveled back from 2007, Herve Leger bandage dresses are also forbidden.

To prove that I’m in touch with my blogger side, I made a fashion compromise and bought a “street style” style purse! Yes, I did. And guess what? I f*cking love it! (Hey, if Tim Blanks can drop the F-bomb occasionally, so can I!)

Celebrities have asked for it, street style bloggers are begging for it, and even my mom and her friends all wish they own it! The 3.1 Phillip Lim Palshi bag is this season’s most coveted bag and in this unique forest green, it’ll make both the fashion elitist and the trend follower fall in love! It’s so versatile, you can wear it with a Top Shop blazer or a Dior dress… making fashionistas from both ends of the fashion spectrum look pretty badass!

What do you think? As a Street Styler or a Fashion Elitist… weigh in with your vote!



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