Summer Classics – One piece swim suit

By Zee Dlamini

Summer Classics – One piece swim suit

Selena Gomez in a 1960s-inspired one piece swim suit.

My obsession with one piece swim suits really started back in the day when I watched Baywatch I’ve been one of those women who didn’t feel completely comfortable in a bikini, not because I don’t like it but perhaps I felt a little bit over exposed and I felt I had some flaws to hide.

So when I saw Kim Kardashian (way before she felt pregnant) wearing a one piece swim suit by Michael Kors I liked it, call it decent modesty.

I’m not surprised to see that this look is actually trending!!Yes, the one-piece swim suit is back with a bang-not just with celebrities, some big names in fashion like Karl Lagerfeld and Norma Kamali sent one-pieces down the runway as well.

A welcome trend in some parts of the Middle East I will say *phew*. So these coming warmer months, put your bikini to rest and get it in with one-piece swim suits.

Summer Classics – One piece swim suit

This will definitely give more women the confidence to snap pics of themselves and post on social media platforms without having to worry about many of the things they did before.


Photo credits: (Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez) (Rihanna, Sofia Vergara) (Chanel)