Dear S&D readers,

Like every Arab woman, we prematurely decided to get a facelift! After less than 6 months, S&D returns: re-tucked, re-tightened and overly Botoxed! We are so delighted to share this exciting day in S&D’s virtual life with you; you just can’t tell because we are unable to move our faces! With this post, we at S&D wanted to: First, welcome you to our new look! And second, thank you for your loyal support and continuous fearlessness when it comes to fashion!

My team and I have been working tirelessly (Thank God, for Aderol) to make S&D even more special for our readers. We wanted to create a website for the elite fashion cult made up of Virginia Woolf-types and John Galliano supporters. We wanted to build something that could be a voice for those nostalgic for the early 1990′s, when high fashion was at its peak and supermodels ruled the world. We need fashion to be pure again, free from marketing gurus and Channel E!

We carefully deliberated on where we ourselves would like to virtually escape to and we came up with something we hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as we’ve enjoyed creating. In Their Shoes provides a unique insider perspective on fashion’s shakers and movers rather than the usual superficial questionnaire and favorite outfit post. Beauty & The Booty reveals the real truths behind celebrity-endorsed growth hormones and alternative therapies, such as cupping–no, we don’t mean the fun kind! Even our cult favorite Drama of the Week promises to present more eloquently written rantings of a disillusioned fashion community, unable to deal with Lady Gaga as a cultural icon and the impending birth of #Kimye’s baby! (God, I can’t even write it, without hashtagging it!)

There’s more: Above the Ankle is bigger, better and even more elitist! Our fashion section is aimed for the lady who doesn’t wear sweats, but prefers class. She’s high fashion even when she’s high street. Our trend forecasts are always so spot on that we might as well be called the Miss Cleo of Fashion (Google it, post-1997 babies). We’ve also got WishLust, a confessional of desires and wants that we dare to indulge, despite the threat of eternal damnation into the realm of credit card debt! We agree; sometimes a girl just has to make some poor life choices in order to make some amazing fashion ones.

Our new website will also feature weekly videos and celebrity contributors. (Yay, we fancy, huh?) And not forgetting the “Not a Girl, Not Yet a Women” age segment: Cocktails & Stilettos is our event coverage section that gives you inside access to all the superficial fashion parties and us, worthless freebies and giveaways for attending. We promise to try to make it as Gossip Girl as we can for you, of course, minus the ridiculous Days of Our Lives subplots!

We can’t wait for you to take a look! Let us have your feedback: what you like, love, hate and can’t stand! We are here solely for you–the neglected fashion elitist of the world-wide-web. Sure, there’s always porn, but S&D is more family-shared-computer friendly.

We hope you enjoy our facelift! x
Marriam N Mossalli

PS. I already know that the people who got the Gossip Girl reference, totally didn’t get the Days of Our Lives one–and vice versa!




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