Patricia Rosales: Unapologetically Indulgent

By Marriam Mossalli

Patricia Rosales loves drama almost as much as we do! Whether she’s surprising us with the unexpected placement of a delicate pearl or making a bold statement with 20,000 USD worth of diamonds, Rosales knows how to get our blood pumping. Her designs go beyond the genre of footwear, transcending toward the labels of fine jewelry and art.

She’s the High Society Dr. Seuss of Shoes, manipulating our sole reality into glamorous dreams that drip luxury and smell flamboyantly decadent. She seduces us with the marriage of every woman’s two main weaknesses: shoes and jewelry.

Rosales doesn’t know what we want; she knows what we dream about.

Patricia Rosales with Sheikh Nahayan Al Mubarak Al Nahyan in Dubai

Patricia Rosales with Sheikh Nahayan Al Mubarak Al Nahyan in Dubai

Patricia Rosales

Shoes for her have always been a metaphor for freedom, which is good because if your husband ever found out how much you spent on your pair of Patricia Rosales, he’d probably divorce you before your credit card had time to debit your account. With that being said, there’s no question that each Patricia Rosales design is an investment piece, a future heirloom to your daughter (here’s hoping she’s a size 38 because they’ll be very little left for her to inherit).

But Rosales makes no apologies. She is designing for a specific woman in mind—one who gets dressed starting with her shoes first, “because if a shoe is truly provocative and unique it must never play a supporting role to the rest of her ensemble.” God, we love her already! “We should never forget that shoes have the power to transform our desires into reality. An exotic and beautiful shoe can take us on a personal journey to some fantastic place either real or imagined full of fantasy, intrigue and passion.”

Shoesanddrama got a exclusive chance to catch up with the artisan, whose design philosophy is best described as a dramatic mix between fine jewelry and the traditional craft of shoemaking; to ask her a bit about her passion.

You talk about understanding the emotion behind a shoe… would you describe yourself as a sensitive person in general?
Sensible, perfectionist and a dreamer, because with every pair of shoes, we make our customer’s dreams come true and we give them the opportunity of living a unique experience. I create every shoe as a piece of art, which my clients can write their own story of their life; shoes that “expels” poetry.

You often use precious stones and exotic materials, such as blue sapphires, black diamonds, cultured pearls, emu feathers, python, eel skin, zebra, and mink with satin; when did this predisposition toward all things exotic begin?
From the very beginning in 2008, I was fascinated by the magic “Gemology” World, and high jewelry. So I decided to fuse together the manufacturing of handmade made to measure footwear with the design; using new technologies, besides retaking the manufacturing of high jewelry.

How has your background inspired your brand aesthetic?
It has had a great influence, especially the Mediterranean Sea,  being born in Almería (South Spain), as well as my passion for the ancient cultures.

If the shoes you are wearing now could talk, what would they say?
They would say “I feel, l’m a powerful woman, able to fight for what I believe is fair, innovative, creative, and stand up for my princeples and values. And the most important, fearing nothing.” Able to undertake any adventure or idea, which I faithfully believe.

How do you edit your pieces, or do you just let your creative mind go wild?
I let my creative mind go wild. I love eccentricity and mixing different materials, keeping in mind, the quality and the comfort of each of my pieces of art.

“My wish is to make handcrafted singular shoes fit for Hollywood starlets, princesses, aristocrats and of course any woman who dares to desire or dream.”

We all definitely desire them, but with engagement ring price tags, most of us can only dream of owning them!

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