It’s already been a couple of days since the most anticipated fashion show of the year, yet some models still seem to be gushing over that night. They’re still caught in that Victoria Secret Fashion Show reverie…and we completely understand! The show took place at the Grand Palais in Paris, on November 30th, but tomorrow is a big day as the show will be revealed on television in a 190 countries.

You know we love it when such event gives us just about enough content to turn a review into a #DramaOfTheWeek and although the show was spectacular and grandiose as expected, tomorrow night, trust us….you won’t have to tune in!  That’s simply because we’ve already round it up to the six most important moments of the night:

1- Lady Gaga as a model?

Lady Gaga walked the runway as if she was one of the angels during the last segment of the night! She was placed in the middle and had Bruno Mars and The Weekend walking next to her. As if that wasn’t enough, when the models got into their robes backstage, Gaga wore one as well, and gave an intimate performance. So she thought she was a VS model for the night? Why not… we don’t blame her, if Kendall can do it… literally anyone with enough followers can!




2- Irina Shayk and her pregnancy announcement

Irina walked the runway as a pregnant angel (Kudos to that!!) … and so confirmed the baby rumors with Bradley Cooper. We think the only thing really confirmed is that the VS stylist doesn’t know how to dress a baby bump! What a hot mess! And we feel terrible saying that about any expectant mother…but it seems Victoria Secret can’t keep quiet about this! #SecretsOut



3- Bella Hadid and The Weekend

We’ve all had to go through the hardship of bumping into an ex… and this was exactly the case for Bella Hadid, and she handled it like a pro. Or at least she did a very good job pretending to be cool with her ex serenading her. She may have looked hot, but he wasn’t the one that had to face that first encounter half naked AND in front of an audience! Give yourself a pat in the back girl!

Bella Hadid runs into ex on the runway

Bella Hadid runs into ex on the runway


4- Kendall Jenner back in Paris

It must have been bittersweet for Kendall to be back in Paris after what happened to her sister Kim.  But the night of the show, she was given two out of the 43 wings that were displayed, making it a step closer on becoming an official angel. It was Kendall first time walking the runway without any of her family member present, which is another dream come true for her as she always wanted the attention on her rather than on a Kardashian sitting front row.



5- The outfit that was not worth sewing nor showing

Lily Donaldson wore the worst corset arrangement we’ve ever seen and it took 300 hours to sew! The outfit was featured in the “Mountain Romance” category, so this is the only reason why we’re not criticizing the styling… but it’s was #completefail


6- Gigi Hadid lost her curves

Gigi is known in the industry for having a slightly different body type than other models. We even think that her curves are one of the reasons why she became so famous. We’re not one to body shame, but it seems she went on a major diet before the Victoria Secret show… maybe she didn’t want to be put in a poncho again?! We still can’t believe a stylist would categorize her as “Not quite as thin” during her OWN fashion show with Tommy Hilfiger. She also had a wardrobe malfunction as you can see in the picture but she walked the runway as if nothing was ripping off #SuperModelsDuties!