Sex on heels – Charlotte Olympia and Agent Provocateur

By Linah Hashmi


When a hot shoe brand and a sexy lingerie brand come together, BOOM it’s an explosion of powerful sex…on heels. And what’s more perfect than that! A dream come true, a match made in heaven, Charlotte Olympia and Agent Provocateur collaborated to create two iconic pairs – The Candice in nude mesh silk embellished with a malicious tulle pom pom and as if that wasn’t sexy enough, it was studded with Swarovski crystals for the naughty yet nice woman and Bellatrix was done up in black patent leather embellished with gold zip detail for the powerful confident woman.

While the black pumps represented a hot confident woman like Charlotte Olympia’s shoes, the nude mesh heels were as sexy and provocative as Agent provocateur’s lingerie. According to them these shoes are to be worn in and outside the bedroom. Oh my! Every woman’s fantasy! And they were done for a good cause!

Both styles were officially launched at Seven Bar Foundation’s Lingerie London Fashion Show, which raises money and awareness to fuel microfinance which aids women out of poverty and into self-sufficiency and business. Because there’s nothing like successful women in heels!
I love a pair of heels that can provoke. If they don’t, they’re just not sexy enough! So I just loved the idea of creating shoes with a seductive lingerie brand.

Now that’s what I call shoes and drama!
So, tell us…are you more a sexy Candice or hot Bellatrix : ) ?